What is your 1st half 2018 Game of the Year?

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#1 Posted by Spatta04 (9 posts) -

With the year being 1/2 over already. What is your favorite game of the year so far?

My top 3:
God of War
Super Mega Baseball 2

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#2 Posted by OMGFather (1054 posts) -

I've only played God of War, so that.

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#3 Posted by deactivated-5b85a38d6c493 (1990 posts) -

Octahedron and Celeste are by far my fav games so far.

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#4 Posted by nutter (2187 posts) -

Off the top of my head, nothing this year has quite grabbed me like State of Decay 2.

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#5 Posted by Barrock (4142 posts) -

God of War is going to be incredibly tough to top. It was my first platinum trophy for a reason.

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#6 Posted by BrunoTheThird (837 posts) -
  • Subnautica
  • Celeste
  • DBFighterZ
  • Kingdom Come: Deliverance
  • Ni No Kuni II
  • Vampyr
  • GOW

Plenty of time for big changes there, but I've had deeply rewarding moments with these games.

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#7 Posted by Superharman (305 posts) -

Only new games, no remasters...in no order because that is something I save for thinking about at the end of the year.

Chance to Make Top 10

God of War


Bloodstained: Curse of the Moon

Octopath Traveller - Based on 3 hours of the demo

Need to play more of:


The Awesome Adventures of Captain Spirit/Life is Strange 2?

Monster Hunter World - Fell off this hard, want to go back but not sure if I will at this point...

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#8 Posted by Sveppi (146 posts) -

God of War

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#9 Posted by CivilizedWorm (103 posts) -

The Crew 2

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#10 Posted by TreeTrunk (617 posts) -

Kingdom Come for me was this years Nier Automata, as in I was sad to reach the end because I really don't know if I'll play a game like that again.

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#11 Posted by Toastburner_B (472 posts) -

Right now my GotY list is Battletech and Into the Breach.

This is the year of turned-based giant robot games.

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#12 Edited by Wemibelle (2644 posts) -

I don't really have any games from this year I care about yet, between major games I haven't gotten a chance to play yet (God of War, Vampyr) and popular games that don't really appeal to me (Celeste, Monster Hunter World). In fact, I'd call this year a disappointment so far for games, as there's not much I missed that I really am dying to play any time soon and there isn't much from later this year that excites me either.

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#13 Posted by RedPhoenix122 (28 posts) -


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#14 Posted by htr10 (1060 posts) -

...pssst, is it just me or has this year been kinda weak so far?

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#15 Posted by Strathy (190 posts) -

God of War


Monster Hunter World

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#16 Posted by clagnaught (2136 posts) -

God of War*(**)

*Although I haven't played that many games this year.

**Although even if I did play more games, there's a very good chance GOW would still be my GOTY so far.

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#17 Posted by ItsTyler (29 posts) -

State of Decay 2 by a land slide. I've spent way more time with that game than I expected. Really has hooked me.

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#18 Posted by MocBucket62 (2491 posts) -

Celeste is my GOTY. After that it’s Yoku’s Island Express, Mario Tennis Aces and Wizard of Legend.

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#19 Posted by mems1224 (2508 posts) -

Hmm, probably State of Decay 2 or Subnautica. This year had been pretty meh so far.

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#20 Posted by Zeik (5203 posts) -

Probably still Monster Hunter World, but I haven't really played that many new games this year. 2018 is the year of the backlog so far.

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#21 Posted by nickhead (1261 posts) -

Kingdom Come: Deliverance.

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#22 Posted by csl316 (14977 posts) -

Hmm, I've played plenty of good games so far but nothing that should warrant a Game of the Year title. My most-played have been Bayonetta 2, The Witcher 3, Okami, and Stardew. God of War was really good but it just didn't hit me like it did everyone else. Celeste was surprisingly fantastic but it might not even crack my top 5 at year end.

I dunno, man. Inconclusive. I'm looking forward to a bunch of games later in the year, but next year is when the really interesting stuff is gonna start hitting.

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#23 Posted by haneybd87 (396 posts) -

Honestly nothing. I fell off of GoW pretty hard. If you count the release date of the demo then Octopath Traveler could be my GotY so far based on those 3 hours.

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#24 Posted by MyNiceIceLife (717 posts) -

Yakuza 6. Finished it, kept playing after finishing it and keep thinking about it. Will probably play it again before the end of the year.

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#25 Posted by MightyDuck (2046 posts) -

Based on what I've played so far?

God of War and Super Mega Baseball 2

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#26 Posted by eskimo (513 posts) -

Subnautica and Prey:Mooncrash both hooked me.

I also spent a fair bit of time with Into the Breach.

Apart from that, I'm not really feeling it so far this year...

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#27 Posted by BaneFireLord (3570 posts) -

I guess God of War by default. Don't think I've played any other new games this year. I liked it a lot when I played it, but I keep forgetting it exists.

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#28 Posted by isomeri (3124 posts) -

God of War, I guess.

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#29 Posted by Shaunage (933 posts) -

God of War, and it's very difficult to imagine something else topping it before the end of the year.

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#30 Posted by BeachThunder (15156 posts) -

Into the Breach

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#31 Edited by NTM (11846 posts) -

To be honest, though I did play God of War, and think it's the better game, I would probably say in hindsight I actually enjoyed Far Cry 5 more despite its issues. I got more out of it. There were only a few moments in God of War that really got me super excited, otherwise, it was a well-made game that was filled with a been there, done that kind of feeling. It's my third favorite God of War though... yes, third and not first. I have yet to play Celeste which I suppose is a game I should try out. If I had a good PC my choices could be a lot more varied, but I don't so I haven't played some of the more highly regarded games this year. Another one might be Iconoclasts which I might need to play. This year so far hasn't been a great year for new games in my opinion. Most of the year consisted of replaying older games or buying and playing games from previous years that I haven't played yet. Hmm, what other new games came out that I played? I'm drawing a blank.

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#32 Posted by Efesell (4534 posts) -

Probably Monster Hunter but I also have yet to get to Yakuza 6 which is almost certainly going to be the actual contender for me.

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#33 Edited by atomic_dumpling (2579 posts) -

It's a tie between Overload and Yoku's Island Express.

@htr10 said:

...pssst, is it just me or has this year been kinda weak so far?

As for epic AA(A) PC singleplayer experiences, I would agree. Besides the next AC (currently only on "meh" hype level for me, having played a lot of Origins earlier this year), there is not much in the pipeline for 2018 either. Most bangers (e.g. the new Metro) were moved to 2019 or beyond AFAIR.

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#34 Posted by totsboy (501 posts) -

God of War easily for me, but I did not play many from 2018, mostly because very few caught my eye.

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#35 Posted by Shindig (4948 posts) -

Yakuza 6, I guess.

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#36 Posted by Yesiamaduck (2557 posts) -

I already cconsider Celeste one of the greatest games of all time... so that

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#37 Posted by glots (4359 posts) -

God of War. While I loved the game, it also has a little to do with the fact that it’s basically the only big game so far this year that I’ve *really* enjoyed. Detroit was ok at best.

I guess that’s a little bummer, since we’re now in July and there’s still nothing major coming out till Spider-Man in September, I think. Just gotta play more older releases, I suppose.

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#38 Edited by NPCDi (583 posts) -

God of War


Burnout Paradise

The only 3 new releases I've played this year. I do want to pick up monster hunter though.

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#40 Posted by ATastySlurpee (676 posts) -

God of War and its not even close

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#41 Posted by Captain_Insano (3523 posts) -

Played a few games this year but it is far and away God of War

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#42 Posted by johnnyspectre (85 posts) -

Another vote for God of War. Such a lovely surprise.

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#43 Posted by Bane (913 posts) -

Best Games of 2018:

  1. Subnautica. I don't care about crafting/survival games, so it's a surprise to me that I even tried it, let alone have it at number one.
  2. Kingdom Come Deliverance. This Kickstarter pledge turned out to be well worth the money.
  3. Monster Hunter World. Another surprise from a genre/series I never got into before.

Best Games of 2017 in 2018

  1. Assassin's Creed Origins. I didn't get to it right away because it looked like just more Assassin's Creed. I was wrong. It's the best Assassin's Creed.
  2. The Surge. It didn't make it to the top of my to-play list until it went on sale for super cheap, and I heard of a sequel in the works. Great game, well worth your time.
  3. Prey. I'm about 2/3rds of the way through I'd guess, and having a great time. This game is hard! I'm trying to resist the Typhon powers because injecting alien knowledge into your brain sounds like a bad idea!
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#44 Posted by soulcake (2809 posts) -

Hmmm Detroit: become human and Kingdom come deliverance seems to be the only games i completed yet, backlog is getting to big,i should stop buying games at release. But i think MonHun World is probably gonna be my GOTY. Shout Outs to On-Rush!

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#45 Posted by fisk0 (6931 posts) -

Overload probably. I liked what I played of Battletech too, but it also started out at a difficulty level where I felt I should probably play through XCOM 2012 and XCOM 2 first in order to get my brain working the right way to continue. (I've since played through an Enemy Within campaign and have started XCOM 2, I think I may get around to Battletech before the end of year).

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#46 Posted by MattGiersoni (587 posts) -

From the stuff I played that came out this year, I'd say Ni No Kuni 2 or Monster Hunter World. The former is just an awesome, fun and chill JRPG and the latter was my first time experiencing Monster Hunter and immediately loving it. I don't like handheld gaming, so I was super happy this awesome series finally came back to home consoles and I got to try it and got super into it!

Apart from that, I'd say the best thing I played this year is Yakuza 0, but it came out in 2017, so old new goty. One of the best if not the best game I have ever played, easily jumped into my all time top 10. My first experience of Yakuza after hearing about it for years from the internet, and they were right, it's insanely good. After that I got and beat Kiwami, now I'm waiting for Kiwami 2 and after that I'll either play Y6 or wait for 3,4,5 remasters to get to the west.

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#47 Posted by Bollard (8180 posts) -

Nothing even comes close to Monster Hunter World for me. And to be honest, looking at the slate for the rest of the year nothing else will.

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#48 Posted by cornfed40 (619 posts) -

God of War, and its really not even close

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#49 Edited by meteora3255 (681 posts) -

It's either Monster Hunter, God of War or Celeste. Depending on the mood I'm in I could pick any of those three.

Really though it's Dark Souls Remastered if we are just looking at release dates and not when the original shipped. I missed the train the first time and am glad I caught it this time around.

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#50 Posted by TheWildCard (698 posts) -

I'd say Monster Hunter World in a landslide, but I haven't played that many other notable 2018 releases so far.