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I'll edit this if I can remember one, but wanted to post this before I forgot.

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Mass Effect two weeks before Mass Effect 2 came out.

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Pokemon blue save file i was 140 hours in and it got corrupted. I WAS PISSED and I STILL AM. never booted the game up since.

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Persona 4. About 10 hours into New Game Plus.

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@scarace360 said:
" Pokemon blue save file i was 140 hours in and it got corrupted. I WAS PISSED and I STILL AM. never booted the game up since. "
Same here.
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Only my RE5 save with everything, just sucks I have to get tons of points to get any of the versus characters (and the achievement). I think I'll do the egg trick for money. Only 50 hours though.
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All of my PS1 saves when my mega memory card crashed. That day I stopped playing it and JRPGs. The only thing representing all the hours I put into those grindfests having disappeared just ruined them for me. Good thing we have achievements and cloud savedata now, eh?

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Dragon Quest VIII. I was about 40-50 hours into the game, when my ps3 hard drive was corrupted.

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Oblivion: my main character.  I let my friend play, and he accidentally saved over my game.  I wasn't mad or anything, just made a new character later.  It kinda sucked to lose it though because I had spent like 50+ hours on it, and was busy purchasing property and all that.

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i can think of two times, my pokemon gold broke and deleted all my data and i couldnt save, and my wii went corrupt and i lost all my rockband 2 data

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FFVII for me. Had 2 different games going. My first play through where i saved before the Final battle, and another where i started a new game using cheats. I went to save my second game, and accidentally saved over my main save. Lets just say i didn't play FFVII for weeks afterwards.

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My completed Pokémon Red save with 151 Pokémon in the Pokédex. My mom let my brother play it when he was in like kindergarten (meaning he couldn't even read) and he saved over my file.
Fuck, I'm getting mad again just thinking about it.

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My original Trauma Center DS save was also a bad loss. That one hurt.

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Half Life 2, 8.5 hours or so.

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@Spiral_Stars said:
" Mass Effect two weeks before Mass Effect 2 came out. "
*sigh* me too..
also, Oblivion and GTA IV when I was 75% + through
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arkham asylum i had just beaten the game and had about 90% of the hidden shit. went to play the next day and there was just nothing there.

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Dragon Age: Origins 
Lost it right before Awakening cause I forgot to do the data transfer for PS3 when I upgraded my hard drive. 

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Super Smash Bros. Melee. While transferring the data over to a larger memory card, something went totally wrong and I lost everything. So many hours wasted. I tried to recapture all my stuff, but it just wasn't worth it. It was too much work for a game I was so over.

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About two years ago I had a break in and amoung the stuff stolen was my 360 with HDD attached. 
Here are a few of the save files I had lost: 
A 100% GTAIV save 
All of my Mass Effect 1 saves 
My Burnout Paradise complete save 
Countless rented and other games I owned 
Amoung the things not stolen, the 360 power chord.  Poetic irony.
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Actually like a few months ago, my pc had a virus where I had to format. My games were on a different drive, yet I lost all my saves for all my pc games at the same time. Honestly that's probally the worst lost i've ever had.

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My 100% completed file on Super Mario 64 DS got deleted a while ago. I was pretty mad but I suppose it just gives me a reason to play it again. My brothers also lost the memory card I had my completed game of Persona 4 on. They'd better find that.

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Well, I ran into that glitch in Twilight Princess. Remember, the one where if you save in a certain room then quit the game, then reload later on you will be unable to progress? Yeah, I had to start the whole game over again but for some reason I didn't mind.

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FFVII when my PS memory card got a corrupted error and needed reformatting. About 35 - 40hr of gameplay gone, and I hadn't even finished it once at that stage. Took a long time before I went back to it to finish it.

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I used to collect pokemon (pokemon red), and one of my younger cousins would always come and fuck up my save. I lost a 120+ pokedex more than once. Wanted to murder those little fucks. *sigh* never did catch em all.

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My almost complete Grand Theft Auto III save.

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My roommate formatted my GameCube memory card and I lost all my data for several games. Most importantly was F-Zero GX. I had unlocked all the AX characters by beating insane story mode chapters on very hard. I also lost all the characters unlocked for Smash Bros Melee. Yeah, my GameCube saw significantly less action after that happened.

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I think the most annoying one was Mass Effect, right after I'd just finished my 'Get ready for Mass Effect 2' playthrough. I had to play that whole game again, took me about 40 hours.

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Most likely the stupid save bug in the single player for Soul Calibur III.  I got really close to beating it, then my save game got corrupted.  CURSE YOU SOUL CALIBUR III!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Fable II, I got a free code here on GiantBomb for Pub Games. I wanted to mop up some achievements and buy the DLC. 
Not a big deal but I didn't get the DLC and then sold Fable! Microsoft lost out all around.
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I think I've lost a Pokemon save or two.
One that pissed me off more than any was my fault though.
I decided to start a brand-new Ace Combat 6 game, but forgot to hit "New Save" or whatever when the game loaded. Ended up saving over my pretty much complete save. I had done each mission on the hardest (though not Ace of Aces), gotten each special skin for each plane, got every "unit profile", every medal for each operation in a mission (you can only do roughly half or a little over half of the operations in any given mission, meaning you have to re-do the missions for each)...yeah...
Still haven't finished up that save.

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Original Legend of Zelda for NES. One labyrinth before Ganon. Worst. Feeling. Ever.

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@Bionicicide: SSBM, I had unlocked all the characters, everything. And I lost it.
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I really hate memory cards.  I turned on my PS2 one day and my (official!) memory card had corrupted itself. I then put in another and that was corrupt too. Lovely. The PS2 stopped working altogether shortly afterwards. Here's some of the stuff I lost.

Gran Turismo 4. Probably spent hundreds of hours with that thing. So many damn cars, all tuned the way I liked them. This was when I was big into the whole drifting thing.
A Katamari Damacy save where'd I'd done almost everything (even collected the million roses).
All 3 PS2 GTA games, completed with a ton of money so I could just run around and cause havoc.
Bully completed. I don't know why I completed that game as I didn't like it that much.
Persona 3 completed in Japanese. IN JAPANESE.
All my Taiko no Tatsujin scores.
Those are probably the ones I cared most about.  At least those are the ones I can remember. If I ever spend more than 10 hours on a game now I make myself back up the save games.
edit: Oh yes, my Twilight Princess save too.

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GTA: San Andreas. A friend of mine accidentally saved over my file with their save. I was like 80% through that game, and as a result, have never finished GTA: San Andreas.

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I had a Neverwinter Nights save file corrupt on me once close to the end, that was heart breaking. There have been plenty of othber though, some that I should be thinking of.

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I've lost a good deal of saves, mostly from formats. Maybe once or twice from corruption.  
So my first loss of saves was a genuine rookie mistake, I just formatted without thinking and then when I was reinstalling my games it came to me  
So on my next format I save the My Documents folder`(Cause that's where most of the saves go...right? right?) Turns out, most oldschool games just put their savegames in their own folder...So that was a huge loss, biggest one of that was my Fallout Tactics game i had going. Soooo close to the end too, after all that inventory shuffling. 
So a quick rundown of my biggest losses of savegames 
Fallout Tactics (God...that inventory system will haunt my dreams)
Jagged Alliance 2 (I took it very slowly and methodically, fighting every encounter myself...yep...I really did)
Star Trek Bridge Commander (Some missions are a BITCH!)  
Oni (Nothing hurts more than loosing savegames when you're literally at the last level) 
Call of Cthulhu Dark Corners of the Earth (This game was scary as shit which made progressing hard) 
Hidden and Dangerous 2 (Was up to the end of a REALLY long and hard mission) 
Mafia (same deal here)
Grand Theft Auto IV (Getting pretty annoyed at having to redo the training missions and everything just to unlock the islands)
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ShadowMan on the N64; it happened at least 3 times. The game just seemed prone to corruption. Well, that and the shifty 3rd party memory cards were shit. 
The last time it happened I'd taken it around to my friends house (ten years ago...?). Having been told he wasn't allowed to play it: as his mum walks up the stairs, my mate decides the only rational thing to do is rip the cartridge out mid-play. Cunt.

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I think the most annoying incident where I've ever lost a game save file was back when Final Fantasy IX came out. I was being hassled by my sister to turn it off, and as I was saving, she turned off the PlayStation, corrupting my save data. I'd just started the second disc, so I wasn't happy. 
In spite of this incident, I still only tend to keep single copies of saves for my games. Guess I'll never learn.

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At least we have things like erm Action Replay.
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GTA 4, I was a mission away to the final one. I wanted to delete the stagnant gamer profile because I retrieve my gamertag at a friend's console. I selected to delete my profile and files associated with it. I made a big mestake. I also deleted my Forza 2, Burnout Paradise and 40 other game saves at the time. *Sigh... GTA4 mattered at that time because I was currently working on getting the 1000GS. I was so close in killing all those flying rats too!

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Baulder's Gate. I was on the end of disk 4 out of 5 when my PC crashed and had to be formatted.

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My Female Shepard for Mass Effect 1. I had to play my Renegade Male Shepard instead. Got used to it tho.

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Pokemon Diamond. I had 400+ hours logged in over a years span. Was on a trip with a couple of friends and brought my DS and stuff to play on the long ass plane ride. I was going to bed soon, and a friend wanted to play a bit. I gave it to him, went to bed, then 7 hours later I find out that THAT ASSHOLE USED A ACTION REPLAY AND CORRUPTED THE FILE!
I was mad, but it was a accident I guess. Never played Pokemon Diamond ever again.

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San Andreas. 98%. Still hurts.

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I lost everything on my PS2 memory card after playing a Viewtiful Joe demo on Sony's Holiday Demo Disc of  '04. I didn't even realize the demo caused the corruption until I read it a few weeks later. Sony later offered a free game as compensation if you returned the demo as proof, but I think I was either too lazy or too late to call them up on their offer. I still have that demo disc somewhere in this house.

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Marvel Ultimate Alliance 1.  
I was collecting every single item again because I decided to be a one gamertag house and let my old one die out. That game does not age well and losing the save almost made me break the disc.

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Burnout Paradise at about 99% with achievements missing and 60 hours down. Fuck yeah I played it again.

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@HatKing said:
" About two years ago I had a break in and amoung the stuff stolen was my 360 with HDD attached.  Here are a few of the save files I had lost: A 100% GTAIV save All of my Mass Effect 1 saves My Burnout Paradise complete save Countless rented and other games I owned  Amoung the things not stolen, the 360 power chord.  Poetic irony. "
I feel your pain brother, I had the exact same thing happy, except they got my power cord to...Mass Effect one saves, Viking save (Was on the Last island), Too Human save, thank god your account can be recovered.
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@Bionicicide said:
" I'll edit this if I can remember one, but wanted to post this before I forgot. "
Never lost any that I can remember, then again it helps that the only RPG series I played was Pokemon [Red/Yellow/Silver]
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I actually lost all of save files on my old ps1 save file when I played the viewtiful Joe 2 demo.