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#51 Edited by MeierTheRed (5940 posts) -

Rural city in Denmark 300/300 Mbit/s fiber connection with no cap. 369 DKK a month, which is 56 USD.

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#52 Posted by soulcake (2783 posts) -

Rural Belgium 60 Mbits/s with a "unlimited data cap" (5 Terabyte) i pay around 65 USD but this includes TV and A Phone line.

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#53 Edited by Quantris (1303 posts) -

Bay Area (USA) with Comcast. I'm paying $80/month (luckily a chunk of that gets reimbursed for work).

Apparently I have a 1TB cap but I've never gotten too close to that.

Nominally 250 Mbps down (not sure about up). On the Stadia speedtest (over my wifi) I got 175 Mbps.

Sadly Comcast is my only option (AT&T doesn't count) at this location.

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#54 Posted by glots (4330 posts) -

300/10 over here in Sweden’s neighbour, pay 35€ for it a month.

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$150/month - USA

No cap

I just tested over Wifi on my phone and got 169 Mbps down and 10.5Mbps up.

The service itself is $100, the extra $50 is a bullshit fee to remove the data cap.

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#56 Posted by Shift_andrew (41 posts) -

USA with Cox. I've got 300 down/30 up for 100 bucks/month. There's a 1TB cap but I've never touched it, not even while running a Plex server for friends and family, and just generally downloading a lot.