Your download speed, cost, and data cap

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#51 Edited by MeierTheRed (5977 posts) -

Rural city in Denmark 300/300 Mbit/s fiber connection with no cap. 369 DKK a month, which is 56 USD.

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#52 Posted by soulcake (2821 posts) -

Rural Belgium 60 Mbits/s with a "unlimited data cap" (5 Terabyte) i pay around 65 USD but this includes TV and A Phone line.

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#53 Edited by Quantris (1314 posts) -

Bay Area (USA) with Comcast. I'm paying $80/month (luckily a chunk of that gets reimbursed for work).

Apparently I have a 1TB cap but I've never gotten too close to that.

Nominally 250 Mbps down (not sure about up). On the Stadia speedtest (over my wifi) I got 175 Mbps.

Sadly Comcast is my only option (AT&T doesn't count) at this location.

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#54 Posted by glots (4393 posts) -

300/10 over here in Sweden’s neighbour, pay 35€ for it a month.

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$150/month - USA

No cap

I just tested over Wifi on my phone and got 169 Mbps down and 10.5Mbps up.

The service itself is $100, the extra $50 is a bullshit fee to remove the data cap.

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#56 Posted by Shift_andrew (45 posts) -

USA with Cox. I've got 300 down/30 up for 100 bucks/month. There's a 1TB cap but I've never touched it, not even while running a Plex server for friends and family, and just generally downloading a lot.

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#57 Posted by chaz934 (48 posts) -

I pay $60/month in the Cleveland area for 100 Mb down, 10 Mb up. As far as I’m aware the cap is 1TB, but I’ve never hit it.

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#58 Posted by Kingloo (111 posts) -

Western Europe - 50/15 - €55 - effectively no cap (been over 2 TB/mo several times without getting "told off").

Maddeningly, I live within a stone's throw in several directions of 1000/500 fibre. Have been "getting it soon" for 5+ years! :(

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SW Virginia, like $74 for 6Mb/.5Mb Verizon DSL (which could be higher if I was closer) w/no data cap, and landline phone service which is required. Shit sucks. My county's supposed to be getting high speed for rural folks because of some federal grant or something, I dunno. So maybe I'll at least get up to 25Mb connection allowing me to cut the cord. Problem is now, I live on elevated farmland well past a railroad underpass, and it would cost thousands of dollars for one of the local cable companies to run a line back to us, not to mention needing to have the connection buried.

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#60 Posted by harinosho (750 posts) -

South Africa - Cape Town - 4MBps DSL line no cap.

converting rand to dollar, I'm paying roughly $60 for the line and account.

I live in a pretty central spot, they are busy putting in fibre in areas around me just not where i can take advantage of it, fibre has pretty okay speeds by South African standards for $50 for 8MBps.

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#61 Posted by qrdl (445 posts) -

Outskirts of a minor city in Poland: 300/50, ~16€, no data cap

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#62 Posted by Sombre (491 posts) -

I can't believe a first world country would have a data cap

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#63 Posted by hermes (2630 posts) -

Montevideo, Uruguay

About 10 Mbs down, 4 Mbs up. No cap.

About 60$ a month...

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#64 Posted by Purikuri (3 posts) -

Stockholm sweden 750/750 no cap, included in my rent.

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UK - About 55mb down / 20mb up for £40 a month and no cap. In South East UK, but down an old cobbled street so can't get cable and ended up with BT as they had the best speed.

I still don't really get Stadia though. Are they solely aiming for people who have no gaming devices of any kind?.

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#66 Posted by enjee (1 posts) -

San Antonio, TX - 100 down, $60/mo, no cap.

I'm gonna give Stadia a shot but I'm not expecting a miracle.

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#67 Posted by mochibunny2005 (9 posts) -

LA, CA - I did a test and it was 360 Mbps down, no cap, and my dad thinks it's $70 a month but he doesn't know because it's auto-pay lol. The latency is 12ms if that matters.

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Sofia, Bulgaria - 100Mbps down, $8/mo, no cap. Until recently, I didn't even know that there could be a cap on home Internet. US pricing seems crazy to me.

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#69 Posted by mipeha (22 posts) -

Brønderslev, Denmark. 120/25. No cap - Free (paid for by employer).

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#70 Posted by inevpatoria (7477 posts) -

Major city, United States midwest:

$65 a month for 1GB up/down service. No cap. Only select areas of the city have access to this service--a majority of the population cannot get fiber and must instead pay through the nose for cable internet that both has significant upload/download ceilings and a severe cap.

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#71 Posted by Onemanarmyy (4508 posts) -

Man, Poland looks like a internet dream. 300/50 for 16 euro's :O

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#72 Posted by Paliv (252 posts) -

Albuquerque, NM 250 down 12 up. I usually get about 290 down and 10 up from overprovisioning. I don’t think my neighbors use much internet. It’s like $90/mo from Comcast. A total racket, but the only other option is slow DSL.