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But what about the bombcast!!!??? Good luck Vin-Dawg!

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So...Jeff + Vinny is no more?

Oh god, the best QL duo is now dead. DEAD! Love is over!

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Hope they at least finish with E3 coverage before making a drastic change to the operations

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So basically this is going to be like the Giantbomb version of West Coast Avengers? Just, y'know, reversed.

In any case, good luck Vinny! Woo pizza!

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I just realized -- this means more video content with Alex.

Like, Quick Looks. With Alex Navarro.

I'm way into this.

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I am scared. Very, very scared.

Please universe, let this be amazing.

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Exciting news, Vinny! I really hope we don't see less of you on the site, though!

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Wow. Happy for Vinny because it sounds like this is really what he wants but man, I feel like the way all the guys play off each other is what makes the Bombcast and UPF my favorite things on this site and Vinny is a huge part of that. Vinny calling in for the Bombcast could probably work but I'm not so sure UPF will ever be the same again. Good luck, Vinny. You're my favorite turd.

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I'm happy for you guys. Can't wait.

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@vinny Love ya, buddy. Super happy for you. AND, if y'all need a GBNY intern, I've been looking for an excuse to flee LA. AND, AND where's my GBNY t-shirt? All the best!

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Welcome back, Vinny!

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Hey Vinny hey Vinny hey Vinny.

Love you man.

Happy to hear that you are going back to NY to be closer to your family, even though I and everyone else will miss you being in the SF crew. Knock this out of park, duder.

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Best of luck to V-Bomb! Seriously you guys are gonna KILL IT on the east coast.

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This is...shocking. But also amazing. But also shocking.

Lots of luck! :)

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This kind of answers the, "When is Pathfinder returning?" question.

I guess Small Businessman ended up flying to New York to deliver a package because the post office was on fire and he didn't use stamps.com.

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This is some crazy news. I am looking forward to seeing all the cool new content that you guys are going to be putting together. Plus we can now have coast on coast beef inside the giantbomb family!

Good luck with the move and I can't wait to see what the next piece of news is going to be!

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Glad you get to be with your family, though I am really sad about this.

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This is astonishing and exciting news! Congrats all around!!

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Huh. Wow. What does this mean for the Bombcast? Is Vinny joining Bombin the AM? Pizza!

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I can't help but think the Bombcast is gonna suffer from this. Jeff's getting a little to jaded for his topics to be funny or interesting, Brad is pretending to be asleep most of the time(or is asleep), and Drew is awesome, but needs to be coerced a bit to chime in. Full time Danny on the podcast as a replacement would be great though.

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This sounds really exciting, but I hope the whole no skyping into the podcast thing gets re-evaluated.

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So you open a position for a video producer because Vinny and Drew need help and then you lose Vinny. What does this mean for Pathfinder? Now there is now Vinny and Jeff interaction. No possible hope of another ER. No Vinny on streams.. Is Vinny going to be getting a larger crew or is it just him and Alex? We need Danny O'Dwyer to fill in for Vinny.

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Good luck Vinny. Definitely exciting times for Giant Bomb. Also worrying. Is GB really in a position to "expand"? Lets hope the new hires will turn out excellent..

Also they're still going to be a little short on staff despite the new hires aren't they?

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Super happy for V-bomb, super sad about Quick looks going forward.

Also I don't envy the position of whoever joins the SF office.

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Congrats! Best of luck! Happy staff + more content = happy me!

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Oh man, this is pretty shocking news. I have mixed feelings about this, but I'm sure it's for the best. Good luck, Vinny! Hope this means GBNY meetups in the near future!

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Aww, my OTP is splitting. V/J

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Man this news is actually saddening for me. Vinny is by far my favorite person on camera and microphone but if he feels that that this is the right move who am i to judge a small businessman. Best of luck Vinny

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Are they still only hiring 2 people, seems like it leave the SF office in no better position now.

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Change is scary. Someone hold me.

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Ch... ch... ch... ch.. ch.. chaaaanges. Bring it on duders.

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Giant Bomb Texas can't be too far away now! C'mon ya'll!!!!

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Welcome home, Vinny.

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Good luck Vinny. I seriously hope you guys have realized that Skypes gotten better in the last couple years, because if we're losing Vinny from the Bombcast then I do not know what I am going to do.

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Happy you get to be closer to your family Vinny. And here's hoping you, Alex, and whoever joins you kick up a Bombcast East for some hot West Coast East Coast Bombcast beef.

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It'll be sad not having you on the SF crew, but I'm excited to see the first episode of V-Bomb and The Wolf!

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Such conflicted feelings... Happy for you though Vinny.

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Well this fucking sucks. This is good for him but this leaves a huge gap in GBSF.

One of the things that made losing Ryan bearable was Vinnies sunshine presence and positivism to offset the general cynical attitude of Jeff. What he added to every podcast/video was amazing and I'm going to miss him :(

Having to pair him with Alex who I find to be rather grinding is kind of a bummer. I sincerely hope they re-think their remote attendance podcast stance...

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Lots of changes happening around Giant Bomb. At first I was kind of bummed, but the idea of two Giant Bombs creating content at the same time is exciting.

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Next week I’m going to be heading to New York to join Alex and launch this Giant Bomb East office into the stratosphere.

No Caption Provided
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No Caption Provided

I... I don't know how to process this.

I'm sure you all have thought this out long and hard, but it's hard to really know what to think of it. Good? Bad? Just different? I suppose the ol Bomb continues to change. Hopefully it will be for the better. I continue to believe in you guys; so, I have to believe this will somehow make Giant Bomb even more than it already is.

Having said that, I just want to tell you, @vinny... Good luck. We're all counting on you.

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Wow. I know you're not leaving, Vinny but...I'm gonna miss you. ;_; But now my mind is shifting to all sorts of mischief Vinny and Alex could get up to in NYC. Change is good, and you guys are brave enough to keep experimenting and trying new things.

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good luck small business man, i mean vinny, i hope you still make appearances on the bombcast remotely! funniest part of my day is listening to you and jeff doing random skits out of the blue

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As a fellow New Yorker, I welcome you back to the east coast! Looking forward to seeing what you and Alex put together over here. Will be cool to see some more of him and on camera and how your personalities work together for some sweet content. Good luck!

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Loading Video...

Holy crap, Vinny broke Loose! He's wild and majestic now... like a luchadeer.