Are hamburgers sandwiches?

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#1 Posted by Jeff (6069 posts) -

I think we can all agree that hamburgers and sandwiches are related, but would you consider "hamburger" to be a subset of "sandwich?

The debate rages on.
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#2 Posted by vinny (6908 posts) -

if you put roast beef between hamburger buns, would that be a sandwich?

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#3 Posted by Jeff (6069 posts) -

Yeah, I think that would be considered a sandwich.

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I wanna know why it's called a HAMburger when it's not ham.  Cowburger?


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If there are at least 2 slices of bread with stuff between them, it be a sandwich, yo.

Damnit, I forgot about open-faced....

boo me.

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 Legend has it that what we know today as a hamburger was originally just a ground beef patty between two slices of white bread.


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Hamburgers are the best kind of sandwich, and I have Webster's Dictionary to back me up.  Not the part about it being the best kind of sandwich, but itself being a sandwich.  ;)

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#8 Posted by Toriko (90 posts) -

It's obviously a sandwich, or is it?

It's in a special bun, I think Sandwiches can only be with bread.

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#10 Posted by Tom (17 posts) -

have you guys even considered what happens when a sandwhich gets toasted? What the hell is it then!!!

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#11 Posted by SamFo (1676 posts) -
elliooo said:
"A Hamburger resides within the sandwhich family for sure, but is really it's own entity. Whilst a sandwhich usually entails sliced or cut meats, and a hamburger has its meat portion in burger-form, making it a different beast.
Going to have to agree with Elliott on this one, I'd like to see someone go to SubWay and order a burger or conversely, go to mcDonald's and order a sandwich. Not going to happen.
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#12 Posted by MichaelScott (199 posts) -

They are a certain kind of sandwich that should not be compared to your average sandwich.

if that helps. <.<

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#13 Posted by Soopy (49 posts) -

i believe a hamburger is a sandwich just because it sounds healthier.

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#14 Posted by xplodedd (1379 posts) -

if a sloppy joe burger is considered a sandwich, then i think that burgers are sandwiches too.

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#15 Posted by MetalicSand (11 posts) -

A Hamburger is not a sandwich! Thats just the way things need to be. No explanation needed.

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#16 Posted by Demilich (2648 posts) -

I think to qualify as a hamburger you need roasted beef and 2 buns.

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#17 Posted by FingDi (16 posts) -

Well defines a sandwich as "1.two or more slices of bread or the like with a layer of meat, fish, cheese, etc., between each pair." So it would appear that hamburgers do fall under the sandwich category. But at the same time I don't think that's fair. Because let's be honest here, HAMBURGER > SANDWICH.

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#18 Posted by VitaminWaterYum (484 posts) -

It's a sandwich, but only by definition. Both have things inside two pieces of bread that you eat.

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Yeah, it's a sandwich, I submit as proof The Simpsons joke about the Krusty Burger being the "Official Meat-Flavoured patty sandwich" of the Olympic games.

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#20 Posted by Relys (1001 posts) -

Sadly, I wouldn't know. I was raised vegetarian. :(

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#21 Posted by joseppie (835 posts) -

Hamburger is a sandwich but it certainly does not transcend the sandwich category. You can't let hamburgers' egos run wild.

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#22 Posted by Gambit (783 posts) -

Sub-way doesn't sell hamburgers so it's not a sandwich.

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#23 Posted by Klesk (20 posts) -

Hamburgers are not sandwiches.

Sandwiches are hamburgers.

get some.

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#24 Posted by Leroy (3 posts) -

Epic battle. too bad "Rolls" are getting caught right in the middle of all this.

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#25 Posted by EightBitWarrior (751 posts) -

I can tell you exactly what they are: Delicious!

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#26 Posted by LouChou (491 posts) -

The hamburger is like the Johnny Cash of sandwiches...

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#27 Posted by MasterSplinter (656 posts) -

But does it really matter as long as it tastes good?

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#28 Posted by dotxhideki (66 posts) -

Anything that is layered in between 2 slices of bread is a sandwich to me.

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#29 Posted by Batman (1018 posts) -

I like to think of the Hamburger as the king of sandwiches. 

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#30 Posted by expanded (7 posts) -

Well, the next time we all eat a sandwhich or a hamburger.. we should ask ourselves. Why?
Why do we put this succulent perfect match of meat and bun straight into our mouths without wondering..What is this phenomenon we taste?
I believe .. it's a cheeseburger :o

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#31 Posted by SullyBMF (5 posts) -

Its definatly a sub category of sandwhich, but its by no means a "sandwhich". If you ask your wife or girlfriend if they could make you sandwhich how many times have they ever come back with a cheeseburger? Idk about you guys but i have yet to recieve a buger out of that.

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#32 Posted by p0tet (56 posts) -

well.. a sandwich is (according to wiki) "a food item made of two or more slices of bread"....

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#33 Posted by thebeast (1920 posts) -

I think if there was a family tree of food items, the sandwich and the burger would be sibling nodes - rather than descendants. They'd probably have a parent node called something like 'Breadius Containius'.
Although literally speaking - a hamburger is not the actual bap which surrounds the meaty substance. The hamburger is the actual meaty substance. So no. Unless you make sandwiches out of flesh, they are not the same.

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#34 Posted by OlDrtyBstrd (136 posts) -

Yes they are...I mean no they aren't...I MEAN...AUGH!!!!!!! I DONT KNOW!!!!!

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#35 Posted by Aleril (8 posts) -

Well, a sandwich defined by websters is a: two or more slices of bread or a split roll having a filling in between

So I guess it is.

(P.S., sorry for making those 2 blank posts, I didn't know it is quick reply.)

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#36 Posted by Termite (2428 posts) -

Yeah, technically they are...but I wouldn't say they are

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#37 Posted by JDUB_XL (530 posts) -

Yes, A hamburger is definitely a sandwich

Any food that involves a large amount of meat volume between two slices of bread is a sandwich. Except for a hotdog, that is indeed no type of sandwich

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#38 Posted by Dan (159 posts) -

Hamburgers and sandwiches are synonymous, but they also coexist. You could make a strong argument that one could not exist without the other.

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#39 Posted by XAMS (80 posts) -

Well, in some restaurants ive seen them list hamburgers under the "sandwiches" area in the menu. So I guess they are a kind of sandwich.

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#40 Posted by Hamburger_Technology (26 posts) -
Tom said:
"have you guys even considered what happens when a sandwhich gets toasted? What the hell is it then!!!"
That would be a toasted sandwich. Also, a Hamburger is not a sandwich.
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#41 Posted by ZenGaijin (164 posts) -

I don't consider a Hamburger a sandwich when I think of a sandwich I think of a combination of meats coming together to make something awesome. A Hamburger is one lone meat going it for the entire strength of the dish, I think for that reason Hamburgers need their own classification.

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CaLe said:
"Well.. when I think of a sandwich I think of something that is cold. Hamburgers are supposed to be warm! Not cold darn it!"
 I think you're touching on preference more than anything. Without sounding like a pedantic jerk, DUDE UR WRONGGG!
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#43 Posted by white (1697 posts) -

As long as it tastes good, who cares?

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#44 Posted by Atlas (2739 posts) -

A sandwich is a sandwich.

A burger is a burger.

I'm happy to leave it at that.

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#45 Posted by RoboRobb (1094 posts) -

What would a Hamburger Cake be like I wonder?? thats too trippy I guess. Maybe if there was such a thing it would be part of the cake family.

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#46 Posted by NoRemnants (439 posts) -

Well Hotdogs are just pork between a bun. Are they sandwiches. Someone should make a Sandwich family tree.

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#47 Posted by jangofett88 (367 posts) -

I would consider a hamburger to be a sandwich.


"It's like ground up the bottom of it."

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#48 Posted by Player1 (4181 posts) -
CaLe said:
"Well.. when I think of a sandwich I think of something that is cold. Hamburgers are supposed to be warm! Not cold darn it!

What about toasted subs? Those are most definatly warm, but still sandwichs. I think the burger shoud have a classification of its own. Its not a sandwhich, its a burger.
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#49 Posted by Brocrates (4 posts) -

Anything between two slices of bread is a sandwich.

All buns are bread, but not all bread is buns.

Buns are required for hot dogs and hamburgers.

Therefore, a hamburger is not a sandwich.

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#50 Posted by Leewow (134 posts) -

If The Meat Is In Between Two Buns Its A Burger If The Meats Between Two Slices Of Bread Its A Sandwich