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Disney held a D23 Expo event in Japan and had some new Kingdom Hearts info:

First Kingdom Hearts content is coming to Final Fantasy Record Keeper:

Second, a new trailer for Kingdom Hearts III was revealed:

Third, Utada Hikaru is contributing a new song titled "Oath" for the Japanese version and "Don't Think Twice" for the English version to KHIII

Finally, the release date for KHIII will be revealed at E3. Still planned for 2018.

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So the leaks were right, guess Tangled and Frozen worlds are up next. Could use some more classic Disney worlds.

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Wow wow wow wow wow. Few trailers could mean so much to me and so little to 90% of other people.

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Man I didn't think I could really get excited for KH3, but that first trailer sold me. Mostly because it looks like the Disney stuff is going to be charming/fun again instead of just an obligation. Confirmation of a new theme song is nice too, as good as those first two are I don't think I could stand to see another remix of either of them.

Only complaint is that Sully's fur looks jarringly bad compared to everything else they've shown of the game.

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Never knew I needed to watch a Japanese dubbed version of Toy Story until now.

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@teddie: If there's one thing video games still haven't reliably figured out, it's hair.

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@teddie: I don't know. Marluxia's hair had that weird micro-aliasing shimmering going on.

I can't wait to buy a 4k HDR tv for this. Looks so damn pretty.

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@genericbrotagonist: Yeah, I know exactly what you mean. Though I do think that by the time it's out, this'll be the game that has a lot of lapsed fans and new people come out of the woodwork to see what this new 12-year-wait KH game is all about.

@thechris: Tangled was the first new world they revealed many years ago now. It's also included in these trailers. You can see Sora, Donald and Goofy fight alongside Flynn and Rapunzel in a 5-person party.

I don't believe Frozen was ever a rumor. Co-director Tai Yasue was once asked what worlds he'd like to see in the game, and he said Frozen while explicitly stating that's his own opinion and that it doesn't mean anything. Naturally some outlets passed it off as fact anyway, and it landed him in some hot water with Nomura.

That said, do I think Frozen will be in there? Absolutely. You don't have Rapunzel, Big Hero 6, and Pixar stuff, but somehow neglect to include Frozen. That'll be the big reveal this E3, I'll bet.

Unfortunately they've already stated there won't be as many worlds in this as previous games but that they'd be bigger, and they're focusing on newer movies. So that's probably the full list right there.

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This is starting to look like a real-ass video game now. I really hope this is good!

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hopefully ben wont be on the quick look only to tell the disney world story for the 10th time or maybe we should have him

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Assuming the five Disney worlds we have announced and maybe one more at E3 is the whole selection.

Is anyone disappointed with the lack of more older worlds?

I know they said less worlds but six isn’t a lot obviously one or two more for intro and ending worlds but still.

I’m still super excited for the game just not what I was expecting in terms of worlds featured.

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Man, i haven't thought about kingdom hearts for a while so this was a welcome surprise.

But is it just me or does the monster inc characters, especially boo, look kinda bad compared to the Disney ones that actually look really great. also i think sora's monster design is bad.

@sean2206: didn't they say less "disney" worlds? so we might get 6-8 Disney worlds plus radiant garden/traverse town/land of departure etc and whatever the start and endgame areas are.

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New song is kinda disappointing compared to Simple and Clean & Sanctuary. Man, I've been trying to get through the PS4 collection of Kingdom Hearts game in anticipation for KHIII but I bounced hard after KH2. I had to watch the Riku portion of Chain of Memories, I just couldn't keep playing. I made it to Birth by Sleep and then Persona 5 came out. Just haven't been able to get back to it. It's one of those series that the insane reverence of the fanbase made me really want to try to get into. But I think you had to have been 13-14 when the first Kingdom Heart's came out for it to really stick.

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I am so excited for more music from Utada. Fantome was a phenomenal return after her hiatus and I loved the snippet of the songs we heard here... Also, yeah I'll play Kingdom Hearts 3 when it's out.

After seeing Marluxia in this trailer, I fell down a huge rabbit hole of which characters are alive, dead, and their allegencies as of the end of Dream Drop Distance... (I totally forgot about the whole plot of the Organisation XIII being basically like horcruxes from Harry Potter).

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I'd rather have Ratatouille than Tangled or Frozen...but Toy Story and Monsters Inc. look hype. Game looks wild, a cool evolution from KH2. Too bad every game since KH2 has been...not for me. Hopefully this game is actually fun.

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The only thing I have to say about these trailers is GOD help everyone who fell off of the series after 2 because boy they are picking up every plot point that you thought was dead and rightfully buried from those handheld entries and bring them back. When Nomura said this game would be about Sora saving everyone he really meant EVERYONE.

There were like maybe 5 completely and totally never coming back characters in this series and these videos show one and hint that another his coming back. Vanitas shown is the one trailer. As well as Riku Replica hinted at in music trailer. That's right we are bringing back a totally redundant clone character. What's next they are going to show us Data Sora? There better not be Data Sora in this game.

It's looks like it is going to be ROUGH if you have not been keeping up with Kingdom Hearts over the past 12 years. Even if you had good luck still remembering it.