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Hey guys, /u/V0xus from /r/GiantBomb here. We made sure to ask for permission prior to posting the contest here.

We have started a Banner contest for the Giant Bomb Subreddit. In spirit of the contest, the main prize is a copy of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Here is the link to the contest!

We have some incredible artists in Giant Bomb at large, so we want to open this up to as many fellow Bombers as we can. Thanks for your understanding, we all look forward to seeing what you come up with!

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Really looking forward to seeing what people come up with!

If anyone has questions about the format, feel free to shoot me a message. I designed the stylesheet for /r/GiantBomb.

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@voxus: @crackinwise: Does it need to be complete handmade artwork/ drawn or can it include photoshoping from the game's screenshots?

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Alright, all the contestants are in! These turned out amazing, and way better than I expected. The winners should be selected by the end of the day!

Tatool, w/ and w/out texthttps://i.imgur.com/b92VCUR.png https://i.imgur.com/gyl9q1z.png
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@crackinwise: Feel free to contact me when you have selected a winner.

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I like the Tier 1 beard Drew.

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Gatowag entry is dope.

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Dengou's one is awesome.

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@Niflhe wins it for me

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Niflhe by a mile.

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Niflhe is the best for sure.

D Has Come To

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It's a tie between Gatowag and Niflhe for me.

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Niflhe wins with Godlord coming in a very close second

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My top 3:

1 - Hyperlexia (the one with the Diamond Giant Bomb logo)
2 - Niflhe
3 - Tatool

My ideal winner: Hyperlexia's with Niflhe's text

P.S.: I love Tatool's but it isn't my nº1 pick because, even though it's great, doesn't really work as a banner for me.

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Niflhe for sure

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Seems weird that nearly all of these are MGS-based considering it seems to be a general GB subreddit.

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@hassun said:

Seems weird that nearly all of these are MGS-based considering it seems to be a general GB subreddit.

  • Banner must incorporate both Giant Bomb and the Metal Gear franchise. Users may include their reddit name in the artwork for recognition.

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@teddie: Ah sorry, didn't know there were more stipulations on the subreddit itself.

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I'm also partial to Niflhe's, though it could serve to be funnier

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Niflhe's is my favourite, I especially like the untactical grenade-throwing simulator tagline.

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@hassun: While the subreddit as a whole is a general-purpose GB subreddit, this was just to coincide with the release of (and everyone's general obsession with) MGS V.

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Niflhe's banner is amazing.

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I think Niflhe takes it.

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Definitely a fan of Niflhes banner. Looks amazing.

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The Mount Rushmore is incredible. Niflhes may be too professionall for untactical grenade throwing.

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Niflhe's is simple and sexy. I love it.

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Niflhe, V has come drew

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I was actually a huge fan of Godlord2's banner.

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I know this isn't Reddit and I know the contest submission date is past, but I just completed the game and got so excited about Metal Gear Scanlon V, that I decided to make a banner for it anyway.

No Caption Provided

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Niflhe is good and Dengou's also has a good aesthetic to it.