Video Game Music for Studying

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Hi all,

I was wondering if any of you have any recommendations of good video game OSTs to listen to while studying? I've gotten pretty burnt out on the Zelda and FTL OST's.

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Fez soundtrack by Disasterpeace is great. I also use the Machinarium soundtrack a lot. ODST's soundtrack is great if you're looking for that rainy day kinda studying vibe.

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Witcher 3, Nier Automata, Bloodborne (maybe without the epic-like tracks), PPPPPP or MMMMMM from VVVVVV, Ni No Kuni II.

Anything with a consistent theme or style where there are unlikely to be any lyrics my brain wants to sing along with (in my case, English). This also works for other instrumental album versions like Offworld by Celldweller.

As long as your brain can ignore track switches etc. it works for studying. I find atmospheric death metal or doom works as well. It's like sad rain ;)

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Jessica Curry has composed some really great OSTs between Dear Esther and Everybody's Gone To The Rapture. Usually either on multiple times a year.

While not an OST, This Will Destroy You's self-titled is also very, very good.

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You could always throw on an hour of Uncharted Worlds if you don't mind some intense wanderlust while you're studying.

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I used to listen to the Bastion soundtrack while studying! Good instrumental stuff.

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I don't listen to a lot of game music, did have a playlist from hotline miami I used to listen to occasionally. But the soundtrack to the newish titans quest expansion is pretty good. The norse one.

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I really love the OSTs for Minecraft, Sword and Sworcery, Planet Coaster, Stardew Valley, Dark Cloud and not an actual video game OST but related the album Immersed by Lifeform which was used as the soundtrack for the Double Fine Adventure documentary to work and study to.

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kind of the opposite but i listened to the Halo: CE soundtrack every day for at least a year when i was going to sleep

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I'm always about the ambient trip hop, but especially when I'm in study mode. The Silent Hill 2 + 3 OSTs really do it for me.

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Civilization Soundtracks always good to work to

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Jesper Kyd's more ambient tracks in Assassin's Creed II and Brotherhood are pretty serene. My favorite. A lot Jeremy Soule's stuff (Morrowind, Oblivion, Skyrim, and in Elder Scrolls Online Brad Derrick also captured his style well with many great tracks). Surprisingly, much of the dark ambient in original Silent Hill games works for this. Outside of video games I'd heavily recommend Carbon Based Lifeforms, Solar Fields (they did some tracks for Mirror's Edge) and Tycho.

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Celeste! Journey! Hyper Light Drifter!

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Just got to do a mandatory Darren Korb & Ashley Berret rep here. Thank you bye.

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Check out the soundtrack for Neo Tokyo.

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@ghosthouse: Man did not know he did Fez his work on it follows was amazing!

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One of the most beautiful soundtracks ever made i think belongs to Anno 2070, which would follow the idea of studying to nice music.
If you want to make a plan come together, some heist music would be good courtesy of Payday 2.
But if you're me and you're a little bit noisy.

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Three that I haven't seen mentioned here yet are:

  • Thomas Was Alone's soundtrack - some really great piano-driven stuff here, super relaxing
  • Dustforce's soundtrack - this one's so great I've got it on vinyl! Good mix of chiptunes and beats
  • Ori and the Blind Forest's soundtrack - definite Civilization-vibes from this one, but overall excellent

There's some great recommendations in the this tread already, glad you asked!

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RiME pause menu music. Or, just the RiME soundtrack, in general, is good. Many of the tracks from The Last Guardian might work too. This is also based on whether you want something more calming, and less upbeat. Oh, and To the Moon is also really good.

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Splice's soundtrack is so good.

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Thanks for all the great recommendations guys!! I have many long years to get through so every bit of variety helps!! @theuprightman I forgot about the Persona soundtracks!! Those ska/jazz/funk vibes really help on a long stretch.

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I often listen to the Super Mario Galaxy soundtrack. Especially the Gusty Garden Galaxy and Buoy Base galaxy song. They are all very good. Cuphead also has a fenomenal soundtrack. (maybe not all suited for studying though). Undertale's soundtrack is also pretty good. Hollow Knight and Cave Story also have awesome soundtracks.

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Destiny has one of the few game soundtracks in that symphonic Hollywood style that I'm way into.

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I sometimes listen to this as background noise when I'm working. You can find a lot of great piano covers of some game scores on Spotify. I particularly like the Final Fantasy/Square RPG covers as they're relaxing and familiar enough I can mentally drowse off.

And if you're interested in some non-writing stuff, there are some great chill instrumental beat playlists on there too.

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