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Vinnie's collection talk at the beginning of the most recent Beastcast made me think of the different things I've gotten into collecting before.

I collected Pokemon as a real youngster--6-8 years old. But never played the game. A friend got me pretty heavy into Yugi-oh from like 10-13. We played a lot and went to tournaments, where we would regularly beat players in high school--that felt pretty cool to do as a kid.

My Dad and I got real into baseball cards for about 5 years. It was a lot of fun and a great bonding experience. My favorite player--like most 90's kids in the PNW--was Alex Rodriguez. I still have a huge bin of his memorabilia that I wish I would have sold before he got busted for steroids; now they're just going to stay under my parents stairs until they die I guess.

I also collected stamps for a hot minute as a child. I don't know how that started; one day I just had a stamp collecting book and I started to fill it up. This did not last as long as the other objects of my collecting desires.

Hearing Vinny speak to why he likes collecting coins really made me want to start collecting something cool again. But right now I'm in my mid 20's, broke, and I move a decent amount do to flakey young, artist, student type roommates.

What do you collect? Any past collections that give you warm memories?

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I remember as a kid bringing comics to school to trade with the other kids, most of us had Transformer or G.I.Joe comics but one kid would show up with Daredevil and Hulk comics from the 60s that I'm now sure he wasn't supposed to have but I ended up reading alot of that old stuff and then trading it away but I stopped buying kid comics and started getting into X-Men and Iron man comics which I still have.

I haven't added anything to the collection in a very long time, but I have about 8,000 issues of mostly Marvel stuff from the 70s,80s,and a bit of the 90s. I really enjoyed collecting them at the time, but it's dreadful having them now, every time I move it's a nightmare lifting all those heavy boxes.

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Pokemon cards back in elementary school. Yu-Gi-Oh! and PS2 games back in middle school. Now a days it's anime, trying to get those elusive ADV, Bandi and Kitty Media releases before they become impossible to buy.

Come to think of it, I should start collecting PS2 games again since I foolishly Game Stopped them during the PS3/360/Wii era. I love that PCSX2 can use retail discs.

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I'm not one for collecting, but God damn if Vinny didn't get me a little jazzed up about coins.

I'll probably buy a bunch this weekend, regret it immediately when the wife finds out, and then end up selling them on Craigslist at a loss because I find out they're fake.

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It changes depending on my age. When I was really young (6-8), it was Star Wars figures. There was a brief period around '93-'94 when I collected soccer cards for the World Cup. When I was a bit older, like Middle School age, it was Pogs. After that, I kind of stopped collecting things because the hobbies I got into were not really conducive to collecting.

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Hockey cards and stamps when I was less than 10 years old, I think? I'm...pretty sure that I had plenty of Pogs too. That's about it, or at least I can't think of anything from the past 20 years.

I don't think I ever had any passion for collecting any of those, but I just dug up a book full of those stamps not long ago and kinda remembered placing them there. Well, at least the colorful ones.

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As a kid, I hated going to the beach, but I liked collecting seashells. I still have my collection – most of it at least. I was also impressed with my dad's coin collection, so I tried to add to it for a while, but I gave up on that as well.

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As dreadfully boring as it sounds, I had a small rock collection as a kid. I was fascinated by the history (pre-history) of it all. It probably sprang from my dual love of dinosaurs and space. I think the only bit of the collection I still have is agate bookends.

I never really collected coins, but I was always interested in seeing money from other places.

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I started out with Marvel cards and Pogs, then moved onto the four major sports cards for several years. Now much older I've moved onto guitar effects pedals to some degree.

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@facelessvixen: I've traded in every system I've owned for the next one and I regret it. My parents still have the family N64 and PS1, but I think the PS1 is broken; been thinking of snagging the N64 from them. I've also been thinking of picking up a Xbox 360 and PS2 as those were the two consoles from my most formative gaming years, so it would be nice to have them and all the momentous games I played on them.

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I have Boston Sports cards that I started collecting when I was probably 8-9. I think the most that I have are Red Sox cards, followed by NE Patriots. I also was really into both Marvel cards and X-Men cards. I remember studying the backs of the cards and memorizing all the trivia about weird characters. My brother would quiz me on stuff - "what is Captain America's shield made out of?" "Wolverine was a member of what Canadian hero team?" etc etc.

Today I collect stuff like game plushies from games I really like or characters that somehow strike a chord with me. I have a talking Elcor and Grunt from Mass Effect (soon I'll have the singing Mordin) and a Kapp'n from Animal Crossing. Stuff like that. I also collect pins and buttons. They're easy to carry so I don't feel bad about buying them at conventions or whatever. They won't make my bag any heavier, unlike figures or statues. I have a whole box of those with everything from comic book themed buttons to video game pins and Pinny Arcade stuff.

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Not much anymore except I've fallen deep into vinyl. I'm not trying to get rare oldies or whatever but it's now my preferred avenue for bands I really like. Underground metal bands/labels typically put together some nice packages too, without costing an arm and a leg.

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I got belt buckles out the wazoo.

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I'm really into anything glass from sea glass to blown glass animals and shapes.

I inherited a souvenir teaspoon collection from my grandparents which I add to now and again.

Also as a British Girl Scout, I collect badges and patches in a big way. The Girl Scout thing also means we have a house full of plushy owls and things with pictures of owls and everyday objects in the shape of owls.

My husband collects guitars (real and Guitar Hero/Rock Band etc) and since finding my original 1990 Gameboy last time we moved, carts for it, including all three versions of the same Garfield/Micky Mouse/Ghostbusters game.

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I've tried to collect video games, but I just can't do it. It just becomes so annoying to have them around. I lack the space and I lack the interest in having them all around.

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Two sets of those Euro 96 coins resembling the England team that Sainsburys pushed out around the time of the tournament.


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Haven't bought any in awhile, but i own a lot of guns, mainly older military rifles. Love that stuff.

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I started off with Pogs and sports cards, mostly basketball. About middle school, I ventured into collecting Hot Wheels, and McFarlane toys. I had the original collection of Spawn character. High School, I didn't collect anything. Now, I am replacing a lot of the old consoles and games I had during middle school and high school because it all stolen after I went to college.

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Nightmare on Elm Street stuff. I like collecting horror items in general, but Nightmare first and foremost. And given just how absurdly over-merchandised it was and how overpriced a lot of it is now, I could probably spend the rest of my natural life collecting Freddy crap, haha. I love it, though.

I want to get into collecting big-box PC games as well, but that's just not feasible in a place as small as mine.

As for when I was a kid, I don't know that I really intentionally "collected" anything in particular. Pogs, I guess, but even then it was more "I just happen to have a shitton of Pogs".

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Back when I was a youngster, I was into collecting Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, Pogs, and Crazy Bones. Nowadays, it's mostly just anime/video game figures.

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As a kid I collected Lisa Frank stickers and stationary, Pokemon cards, Yu-gi-oh cards, Pogs, and now I collect Mameshiba (bean dog) plushies and stuff.

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I have a whole bunch of Animal Crossing amiibo cards.

I don't use them, but they are organized by series and individually sleeved.

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I have a folder of Pokemon cards with quite a lot of goodies. I'm not good at collecting things because my mindset is always "...I could just sell this stuff for a lot of money". Maybe that will change when I start working full time again!

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@bleshoo: crazy bones!!! I remember a friend getting me into those. I don't think I moved passed 2 purchases of various Crazy Bones though.

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Back in the day of course it was Pokemon cards (my brother in law still plays so I have some laying around) and Yu-Gi-Oh followed shortly after.

For a few years it was comic books but I gave up on that when I moved to the apartment I'm in now.

I have a bunch of Magic cards but other than that I just collect CDs/vinyl.

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I have way more Spider-Man and Ultimate Spider-Man than anyone probably should lol.

If we're talking about things I go out of my way to collect, I collect a lot of shows and anime. I own all of Avatar: The Last Airbender, Leverage, Danny Phantom, Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood, Hunter x Hunter 2011, and I just finished off the Enies Lobby arc for my One Piece collection, which is gonna be the most awesome marathon when I finally finish it ^_^

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@shagge said:

Nightmare on Elm Street stuff. I like collecting horror items in general, but Nightmare first and foremost. And given just how absurdly over-merchandised it was and how overpriced a lot of it is now, I could probably spend the rest of my natural life collecting Freddy crap, haha. I love it, though.

Is your collection posted anywhere?

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I've sort of ended up collecting vinyl by accident. First I got a few records for free, then I bought one or two just for the album art and now I've got around 200 records sitting next to my table here.

As a kid I mainly just collected Pokemon, hockey and Star Wars cards. Oh and Gogo's Crazy Bones!

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@isomeri: @apparatus_unearth:I used to have a a cd collection of over 200 cds. I never really considered it a collection because I never really purchased anything with an intent other than I want to listen to this. There was a bunch of albums I didn't like in there just because I wanted to give them a try, and I had a lot of disposable income in high school. I ended up selling them do to moving so much, and being able to stream music. I got over $400 for them at the local electronics/media store and bought a PS4 with the store credit.

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@apparatus_unearth: Nah, not enough of it to post, honestly. I will once I build it up more, though. Next thing I have my eye on is a Dream Master replica glove, should I find myself with two hundo to spare, haha.

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baseball card, MLB hats, comic books, Transfomers, video games, cups they give away at Las Vegas Casinos

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I've got around 1500 movies on DVD (and a few packing boxes of VHS tapes) and 4-500 Blu Rays. A couple of thousand CDs as well, but they're in the loft after I spent a year ripping them to a hard drive. I'm in the middle of ripping the DVDs and BDs, purely to save some space on my shelves.

At the beginning of it all, I just loved movies but I'm now finding myself buying rare and unusual stuff, a lot of which might never get watched.

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Actually, here's an easy one:

Ticket stubs from gigs and sporting events.

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Coins, primarily American coins.

Cards from Pokemon. I collect YuGiOh and Magic as well but I barely keep up with Pokemon so adding another two card games it just too much.

Video games. Not in anyway I'd really like to due to price, but I do like having older, running, consoles and games around. I try to get a handful of classics for each system.

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Video games primarily with a fairly small collection of some card games. Mostly video games however.

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I have a lot of those little souvenir spoons. I think my grandma bought one when I was a toddler and just kept buying them for me wherever she went until I was in my teens. I used to have a display rack for them, but now they're sitting in a plastic bag somewhere (I probably have around 50). I never collected them myself, but it was a collection thrust upon me that I feel weird getting rid of, so I guess I'll have them forever.

I collected Pokemon cards for a very short while as a kid, but I never jumped into anything for any extended amount of time. I think I'm afraid to start a new collection due to the money I know I could sink into something like coins or games. The closest thing to a collection I have right now would be a loooooot of books, ranging from casual reads to purely academic texts, on ancient Rome and Greece. Reading about that stuff became a hobby of mine in high school and spiraled into a mini-library before I knew it.

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I used to collect beanie babies. Something I'm not proud of. And it wasn't even like collecting them in the hopes of getting rich, I just thought they looked cool.

I used to also collect Baseball/football/basketball/pokemon cards and pogs

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  • Video games
  • Zippo Lighters
  • Knives
  • Guitars
  • Beer and shot glasses
  • Action-Adventure books (The Executioner/Mack Bolan/Stonyman, The Survivalist, The Deckard novels)

I have Pogs and Pokemon cards too, but those are things that I just acquired over time rather than specifically collected. same goes for DVDs and CDs. Not really a collection per-se, just movies and music I like.

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@shindig: I did that for a bit, but I had been to at least ten concerts before I started, and I forgot to save a program from some music festivals I went to, so I just kind of stopped caring.

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I collected cars as a child. Later it became Marbles, Pogs, Pokemon Cards & Magic Cards. I had a period where i collected rubber duckies as a goof, but that never turned into a collection.

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@sloppydetective: They were pretty neat for just being tiny pieces of hard plastic.

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@shindig: I did that for a bit, but I had been to at least ten concerts before I started, and I forgot to save a program from some music festivals I went to, so I just kind of stopped caring.

I almost went down the route of grabbing CDs or merch from gigs but quickly stopped that. Unless it's an artist or band I've got no music of. Buying Mr. B. The Gentleman Rhymer's albums from a hamper his butler carries with him is a nice story to tell.

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I used to collect rocks and old/foreign coins from about 5-12. I remember when I was in Tucson I saw a place that sold rocks and begged my parents to go inside. I ended up cutting my finger on one of the rocks and the guy who was running the store came up to me and said something about how if someone stomped on my foot my finger would stop hurting, he then chased me around the store and we left. Probably misremembering it but it was pretty weird.

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@shindig: I bought a lot of concert shirts but had the worst luck with shrinkage. It seems like even when I bought two sizes up they would shrink to too small with normal care. I just save the memories and a few stubs to the bigger artists I've seen. Even though the show was mediocre it's still cool to be able to say I've seen Bob Dylan and have a stub to prove it.

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I used to collect vinyl a lot, but that fizzled out a few years ago. It's cool and all, but it sure is expensive. I could be buying other things with all the dough I was blowing on it, look video games or food. Or beer.

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#46 Posted by Nev (688 posts) -

Like a lot of posts here, funny enough, I also collected Pokemon cards, then transitioned to Yu-Gi-Oh. I got a few Magic cards, and even some WoW cards, - though that was mostly for the art, and the hope I'd get some virtual goods... never did, though. Art was cool, however!

Those aside, lately, after finding some old Marvel action figures from my childhood, I've started buying a few action figures I run into at Walmart. (The only store, really, in this tiny place.) They aren't great quality, obviously, but I couldn't pass up buying a lot of the female heroes I like and happened to run into. I have Phoenix, Kitty Pryde, Rogue, Spider-Woman, and Kamela Khan. Then, I grabbed a few I don't know as well like Angela, and Hellcat. It's kind of awakening an interest in me to start looking into expensive figures...