Are you going to get a steam controller?

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#1 Edited by personandstuff (649 posts) -

They're starting to ship out for people who preorderred early enough and I'm thinking about ordering one for the next batch. I've been without a wireless controller option on the pc for a year plus having mousish levels of precision without having to sit right next to my big ass tv would be great. Only thing I'm worried about it is support, particularly for the rare non steam game like my gog copy of The Witcher.

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#2 Posted by Kidavenger (4417 posts) -

I ordered one the day they were put up for preorder, I think they are supposed to be in on the 16th for people that preordered.

It's an interesting concept, worth throwing a few bucks at.

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#3 Posted by Devil240Z (5704 posts) -

I sort of would like to see some kind of coverage of it here first. Like can they do a QL of a controller?

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#5 Posted by Veektarius (6410 posts) -

The bigger barrier to me with playing games on my TV is that the size of icons on games not designed for a controller are too small to see from my couch. Having a controller won't really improve that experience. For anything else, a 360 controller works fine.

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#6 Posted by MeierTheRed (5948 posts) -

Pre-ordered one the day they hit the Steam store. So yes.

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#7 Edited by Limond (250 posts) -

No, I do not plan on getting one. I played with one for a little bit at PAX East last year and just wasn't impressed with it. I'm still using a wired Xbox gamepad in my PC and it still works perfectly fine. No need for it.

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#8 Posted by FlashFlood_29 (4444 posts) -

I'm really considering it. Once they're out and some impressions are posted, that is when I'll make the decision.

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#9 Edited by Whitestripes09 (918 posts) -

meh, I haven't used one yet, but I just don't see the big rush to grab one when my 360 game pad still works. If it ever breaks I might consider it.

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#10 Posted by Scrawnto (2558 posts) -

At the moment I can't think of something I would want to use it with that doesn't support a normal controller, but maybe some day.

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#11 Edited by GERALTITUDE (5990 posts) -

Hell yes I am.

Got a bonus from work so have some spare cash and a new controller!? I'm in. Gonna try it out with Civ and Xcom and see what's what.

The bigger barrier to me with playing games on my TV is that the size of icons on games not designed for a controller are too small to see from my couch. Having a controller won't really improve that experience. For anything else, a 360 controller works fine.

Yeah I mean this exactly why this controller always seemed a bit off all in all. Still, as someone who always sits close to a monitor, it would be cool to use a controller even when a KB+M is within reach. I'm old and keyboards ain't great for me.

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#12 Posted by CouldbeRolf (256 posts) -

Maybe at some point. I rarely play anything with a controller on PC, so there's no rush.

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#13 Posted by Justin258 (15670 posts) -

Maybe at some point I'll purchase one, but I'm still not sold on idea of a touchpad replacing a mouse and keyboard in games that require a mouse and keyboard.

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#14 Posted by TreeTrunk (617 posts) -

It is region locked :(

I was really impressed with the double trigger buttons, as in, the trigger to aim down the sights and shoot is the same, if you push the trigger halfway, there's a first click and you aim down the sights, but if you push the same trigger further, there's a second click and that's your shoot.

There's also some sensor stuff on the bottom.

I hope giantbomb do some coverage on it as well.

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#15 Posted by handlas (3405 posts) -

I preordered one instead of getting the Xbox One Wireless Adapter against my better judgment. I want to try it out. IGN (and I think some other place) have impressions on it and both seemed more negative than positive. But maybe it just takes getting use to. The only thing I'm worried about is it feeling strange where the 4 buttons are placed.

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#16 Posted by ripelivejam (13203 posts) -

i'd like to try it, but seeing i already have a ps4, xbone, and xbox 360 controllers for my pc it would be a bit overkill.

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#17 Posted by OurSin_360 (6183 posts) -

I need to see it in action, I haven't kept up with it but if i could play M/KB games with it instead i may get it as i fucking loathe mouse and keyboard and to get bad arm cramps etc.

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#18 Posted by Original_Hank (267 posts) -

Preordered! I typically don't like to be the guinea pig for this kind of thing but it just sounds cool and I trust valve to put out something good.

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#19 Posted by Belegorm (1848 posts) -

Nah, I'm interested but I usually have a SNES controller, a PS1 controller and a PS3 controller around to use so don't really need it.

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#20 Posted by Malarkain (154 posts) -

I'll be keeping a close eye on reviews and coverage of it. My original 360 controllers are falling apart and the bluetooth adapter I have is too short-range to make my ps4 controller feasible. Hopefully this thing is nice!

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#21 Posted by Turtlebird95 (3618 posts) -

Unless it gets stupidly good reviews or something I don't see the point.

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#22 Posted by BabyChooChoo (7092 posts) -

Meh, probably not. It seems like something designed for people who want to play PC-ass-PC games on their big TV and/or people who vehemently dislike "regular" controllers. I am neither of those. If it comes out and its life changingly good then sure, I'll pick one up, but as of right now, I don't see what it as to offer me.

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#23 Posted by Slag (8157 posts) -

Doubtful, I'll probably get one of those Steam Link things though if it reviews well.

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#24 Posted by CornBREDX (7370 posts) -

I'm interested in it, but as others have said I'm waiting to hear what other people say about it first.

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#25 Posted by Sin4profit (3501 posts) -

I should be getting one in the October batch, i'm curious about the design and potential innovations to support it. I just hope there's a lot of consumer level customization with the touch pads.

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#26 Posted by Joshakazam (1254 posts) -

I wanted one, but considering the fact that there has been no mention of when they will be getting to Australia it's looking unlikely i'll be getting one for a while.

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#27 Posted by chaser324 (8671 posts) -

I pre-ordered one alongside a Steam Link. I really have no clue how well either is going to work, but they could be a great way to bring more PC games into the living room if they live up to their potential.

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#28 Posted by gamehaver (51 posts) -

i can imagine wanting one with a couch pc setup and a want to play couch-friendly mouse driven games but the ps4 and xbox one controllers are far and away the best controllers ever to grace the platform so its hard to justify this for now. i don't think selling through these things without a steam link was ever valve's intent though

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#29 Posted by ch3burashka (6086 posts) -

I preordered day 1, have yet to get a "order shipped" message. I'm a sucker for new controllers - damn near bought an Ouya just for the controller. Too bad it sucked.

Right now I'm mainly using a PS4 controller via InputMapper, and while it functions perfectly, the actual Bluetooth connectivity is touchy as shit. I don't know what the problem is - sometimes it works great through the computer and through a wooden desk, sometimes I need perfect line of sight to avoid 200ms lag.

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#30 Posted by newmoneytrash (2440 posts) -

I'd like to try it, but I don't really need another controller

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#31 Edited by Jarno (97 posts) -

Not having a controller currently, and looking to get one, I am planning to get the Steam controller.

The haptics, the different types of inputs, the freedom in mapping and binding the inputs to mouse and keyboard and other functions, the potential for use outside of games, all interest me.

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#32 Posted by JimiPeppr (609 posts) -

I ordered one. it seems like a cool thing that I want to try.

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#33 Edited by CaLe (4799 posts) -

Of course I am. I ordered it as soon as it was available. I hate using a keyboard and mouse to play games, they are tools for spreadsheets and word documents - not games. This controller was made for games.

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#34 Posted by ripelivejam (13203 posts) -

Are the dimensions larger than the xbox one and ps4 controllers? Just remembered it looking beefier and that may be attractive (duke controller 4 lyfe)

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#35 Posted by Dave_Tacitus (2491 posts) -

As someone who finds it increasingly uncomfortable to sit for long periods playing with a keyboard/mouse I'm very interested to see how this shakes out. I find myself using a controller more and more often on PC games that support it, more out of necessity than by choice, with a Razer Orbweaver on my lap and G602 for games that don't.

I've got a funny feeling that after the first batch of reviews are in I'll be sticking with the Orbweaver and getting a wireless Xbone pad and dongle.

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#36 Edited by fisk0 (6930 posts) -

I'll wait and see what games will support it and if it's really an improvement over my current 360 controller. I think the 360 controller works fine as it is, but if the Steam controller does RTS games and stuff like that, like they advertised a few years ago I may pick one up.

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#37 Posted by BradBrains (2271 posts) -

it looks awful to me. plus I already can use my ps4 controller

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#38 Posted by Jaqen_HGhar (1371 posts) -

I would have, if I could buy it. Seems we here in Norway can't order it yet.
I do normally use a wired 360 controller, so if this one seems good I will buy it once I can. If not, I'll just go for a Xbox One controller eventually. Seems to be the best to use.

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#39 Posted by shozo (163 posts) -

I pre-ordered as soon as it was possible. I loved the xbox 360 controller but once I swapped it out for a xbox one controller I could never go back. I'm wondering if it will be the same when I hook up the steam controller.

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#40 Posted by forkboy (1650 posts) -

My 360 control still does the job fine for now. Maybe if it dies (my last wired 360 control went on fire...well, the cable did. And I don't mean it got hot, I mean it was smoking and while there weren't flames spitting out, it was glowing red when I noticed) I'll consider one, but only if it's not poo

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#41 Posted by nickhead (1261 posts) -

I ordered that and the Link. I figured I'd try the controller out and if I really hate it I'll put it on ebay.

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#42 Posted by jNerd (2200 posts) -

I want one so bad. It looks so interesting, and is made by such a reputable company. I haven't been intrigued so much by a peripheral since the PS3 Boomerang controller. (Which I really wanted to try)

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#43 Edited by Giant_Gamer (762 posts) -

I'm really looking forward to it since i want to throw out my KB/M but i don't want to order it unless i try it first and see how it fits in my hands.

I'm a bit disappointed that it's not on retail yet.

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#44 Posted by MostlySquares (325 posts) -

Waiting to see if it delivers on its promise PLUS if it is usable by people with smaller than average male hands, which I'm getting the impression it isn't. Reaching with your thumbs is really really bad.. So if this doesn't work for tiny people I'll be waiting for something similar with the right size.

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#45 Posted by personandstuff (649 posts) -

Apparently the steam controller bindings work for any non steam game as long as you run it through steam. Which clears up a lot of my issues and will inevitably lead to a lot of dumb stuff like steam bindings for Excel and winrar.

Also there will be community bindings that replace the fire button with alt f4.

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#46 Posted by maginnovision (819 posts) -

I've got the wireless xbox 360 controller that I use, works fine for controller games. I really don't like the look of their controller. I did preorder a steam link though the day the preorders went up, see if that thing was 50$ in the trash or not.

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#47 Posted by SupremeGreen_DX (6 posts) -

Been strongly considering it for a while. I suppose the only thing holding me back is having enough loose cash that i don't already have dedicated to something else.

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#48 Posted by Mike (17998 posts) -

I may end up venturing back into a Gamestop in order to try one, since it looks like Gamestop is going to be the exclusive retail distributor of Steam Controllers, at least for now. I hope stores are going to have a demo unit available, or at least a reasonable return policy for them. I did try a prototype Steam Controller, but it was several revisions ago and I would love to get my hands on the final version before committing to a purchase.

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#49 Posted by Sin4profit (3501 posts) -

Mine has shipped, was exited all week thinking it was coming in today (10/14/2015) as it said on the Fed Ex tracker. You can imagine my disappointment when Fed Ex tracking updated today and said it's still in Illinois.

There's a dude on youtube demoing a few games with the final build.

Loading Video...

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#50 Edited by FlashFlood_29 (4444 posts) -

@sin4profit: Wow, he was actually looking pretty precise with his cursor movement when he was playing CIV5, not that I would use the controller with a cursor game. The customization and mapping options seem pretty impressive. I'll have to demo it at a retailer to really make my final decision. The potential for even high level FPS play is there but I bet just like any new input, it will take some time to get use to.