Sega Teasing "HUGE" Announcement for Sega Fes 2018

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Sega Fes 2018 is about to begin and Sega of America and Sega of Europe's Twitter accounts have been hyping up a "HUGE" announcement that will be revealed at the event that Sega fans "DO NOT" want to miss.

I'm a little excited since Sega seems to be reviving some of their neglected franchises recently, such as Valkyria Chronicles, but I also don't want to get my hopes up (cuz Sega). What does everyone else hope will be announced? A new Sakura Wars game would be "HUGE" for me personally.

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#2 Posted by hans_maulwurf (642 posts) -

Alpha Protocol 2 baby, here we go!

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I can only presume something Sonic. Sonic and Mario World Cup?

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Shadow The Hedgehog HD, for iOS and Android.

Baku Baku Animal VR.

Alex Kidd 7: Alex Adultt.

A revival of the SegaSoft publishing division, including the Heat.Net service.

For real, though, there are so many Sega franchises I want revived that I couldn't even begin to guess (assuming it IS a franchise revival).

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#5 Posted by Mike (17997 posts) -

Sonic Battle Royale.

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Yakuza on PC (please?)

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I'm not sure any of the Sega franchises I love (mainly Shining Force and Phantasy Star) are big enough to warrant such hype, nor has it been long enough since releases for the other ones I care about (Valkyria Chronicles, Yakuza), so I'm betting it's some Sonic bullshit.

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Still hoping for Yakuza, Persona and Hatsune Miku on Steam.

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Persona 5 Platinum Plus, which will have 1-2 new NPCs and be the new canon version.

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BIG the cat. HUGE the bear.

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A brand new SEGA console.

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It is going to be Total War: Sonic

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Fantasy Zone: The Maze 2

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New Yakuzee's is the only probable thing I can think of that would get me hyped (unless they're folding in Atlus announcements), but I'm not sure that would get this kind of hype from SEGA.

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It's going to be a new Virtua Fighter. It's probably going to be a new Virtua Fighter. It very well may not be a new Virtua Fighter. won't be a new Virtua Fighter.

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Total War and Sonic crossover game.

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Phantasy Star 5. Shining Force HD collection (on Switch). Daytona 2018. Virtua Fighter 6. Alpha Protocol 2. I'd be good with any of those.

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Stuff got announced but what's really important to know is that a new Sakura War game was announced!

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Persona 4 Golden Plus for PS4 would make me very happy. It'll probably be some lame Sonic announcement tho. Sonic Mania 2?

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@mike said:

Sonic Battle Royale.

100 Sonics land on a Green Hill and the last one who survives wins a Chili Dog dinner.

Serious answer, I can see a new Phantasy Star Online being announced. This is wishful thinking but I can see a new Samba De Amigo on the Switch working really well if done right. All the Sonic: Total War answers crack me up. Its super unlikely, but also I remind myself that there were Shogun and TW: Rome II representatives in Sonic All Star Racing Transformed so anything is possible. Actually the TW: Rome II guy was literally just a former Creative Assembly employee in Roman legionnaire attire.

Now this won't happen, but an announcement for Creative Assembly to make another Alien Isolation would be amazing.

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There goes my guess for a Big the Cat game... it would've been HUGE.

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Sonic X-com-esque strategy game

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That was a big wet fart of an announcement but I guess some people will be very happy so probably still a good move?

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You know, after seeing Giant Bomb East suffer through it, I don't think I have any real interest in ever playing Shenmue. I guess that's cool for the people who care, right?

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#25 Posted by BoOzak (2648 posts) -

@arbitrarywater: Shenmue 2 is a better game but yeah, it still hasnt aged well. I enjoyed them when they came out but I dont see myself buying a remaster which will probably be overpriced.

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#26 Posted by TheHT (15875 posts) -

It's time.

Dreamcast 2.

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I wonder what Genesis games they're porting to Switch. I think they said ~15 or so, and at least one is gonna be Sonic, but hopefully they pull over some weirder stuff too.

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Gimme Ecco 4

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Wait, so it was all just an announcement that "Shenmue returns" despite that being known for at least two years and that it was pretty likely they would re-release the previous entries in some form?

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The announcements are about what I expected, given some of the news and tweets preceding the event. I don't much care about Shenmue, will be interested to see how the Genesis/Mega Drive Mini differs in content from their upcoming classic collection (assuming it's not simply Japan importing the AtGames' Genesis Flashback as some articles might suggest), and am pre-conditioning for my massive depression when it's announced the new Sakura Wars title is for mobile devices.

We're also potentially getting info about a new something-or-other in the Shining series, but given what that franchise has become, it's just as likely to be more figurines based on heroine characters, rather than an actual game (let alone a SRPG).


Although, looking again at the Sega Ages announcement for the Switch, these are ports being handled by M2, and not just whatever junk is getting cobbled together for those upcoming classic collection releases, so that's potentially pretty cool.

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sonic is pregnant

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All said it's pretty neat that Shenmue 1&2 are being re-released, and especially that they're coming to the PC.

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I would take a remake or even a remaster of shenmue 1 and 2 , but if its just a port of the Dreamcast games i will pass. They definitely need to add the time skip mechanic to the first game at least.

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Why would SEGA announce a re-mastered Shenmue when they already have Yakuza? This feels a bit anticlimactic.

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@vamino said:

Yakuza on PC (please?)

Also Virtua Fighter 5 and Shenmue 1 and 2.
And more far fetched would be re-releasing Sega Rally Revo and Afterburner Climax, due to licencing.

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I don’t think people should start expecting Atlus announcements outside of an Atlus stream.

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@lentfilms: was thinking about you when I heard Sakura Wars arose from the grave.

Congrats man! That's awesome news!

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@dochaus: Because Yakuza is not 'Shenmue' big.

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@slag: Dude, I am loosing it right now :)

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Great stuff, genuinely giddy. Shenmue doesn't really hold up but it's got a special place in my heart and having all of them on my PS4 is gonna be great.