Hey there's a patch for Forza guys

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Link Hey guys, there's a title update and news post from the guys at turn 10 explaining what went down. I'm kinda excited- and a persistent memory leak like that totally explains why that happens. And why (props to you guys for saying this every week) dropping to dashboard made new lobby loads work better.

This may also be why my hello kitty and anime girl liveries never loaded in multiplayer lobbies ;)

Also there's some PI fixes- so if you're an idiot like me and buy all your tunes there's the potential you have cars with new PI. Potential. As whomever it was over here already figured it out, this has to do with using the stock tranny on a modified car.

Anyways- who's up for an impromptu race night sometime after 9:30 pm est tonight? I'll be on as soon as my daughter goes to bed.

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Memory leaks are a nightmare to find. Kudos to the QA, Dev and fans for solving that issue. Dan gives a great explanation.

Level 999 here we come!

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And I got a race to work (a) and certainly found a few of my cars' PI numbers had changed (b). Which is interesting now where some of the most popular tunes are no longer correct.

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While a memory leak certainly doesn't surprise me, the statement that it's started by a user joining or leaving at a specific point seems odd. There are times where I can't remember that condition happening before our crashes, although I suppose I'm not taking into account what a person may have been doing before joining our lobby.

Hopefully Race Night's more stable, though. We could use a return to our typical insane ways.

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@PsEG: That's true- I'm thinking what probably happens is the public lobbies were like a breeding ground for the leak, and if you quit that to go play in our lobby the leak carried over unless you dashboarded. So I'm betting that the leaks carried over, and I'm also betting that specific condition is how leaks were 'created' but not how they caused problems. I'm betting that as people got the leak and joined new lobbies without dashboarding first, everyone in the lobby ended up with the leak, or enough so that the lobby crashed. This probably is why on bigger race nights the second crash seemed to be the last crash, because people would just quit the lobby after the first crash but usually people would dashboard out after the second crash. Which means the lobby was mostly good at that point.

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