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Faster than you think

FTL is a great game which although seemingly simple to start with, is actually REALLY HARD! I have sunk many hours into FTL now, and can guarantee you are not going to have an easy time. The game requires you to play through multiple times ('a rouge-like'), in order to progress. My advise is, if you like any of the below, go get this game from Steam right now:

  • Rouge-like games (e.g. Dark Souls)
  • Star trek
  • Managing power in X-Wing / Tie Fighter
  • dying

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    It Hurts So Good 0

    (Full Disclosure: I was a Kickstarter Backer for this game.)I just logged my 20th hour and the game, which ended in a grueling battle with the Rebels. Victory was so close I could taste it, but as hull breaches sucked out the oxygen from the ship, and as fire ravaged my weapon systems and shields, I could do nothing but shake my first at the uncaring universe as my ship exploded......again.FTL manages to be fun and cruel at the same time. You have the highs of blasting an automated ship to dust ...

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    Sold to Roguelikes 0

    I'm not a very adventurous person with what I eat every night, and I'm the same way with games. That being said, I had never played a roguelike before FTL. Needless to say, I'm sold on them. FTL manages to be cruel, but satisfying enough to keep you playing and pushing towards that last stand. After 39 hours of playtime, I finally logged my first victory, and it gave me that rush that I hadn't felt since Luigi's Mansion. Buy it....

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