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Full Throttle Racing (JP: Full Power), also known as Full Throttle All-American Racing, is a competitive racing game that uses a low-to-ground perspective and sprite-scaling similar to Sega Arcade racers like OutRun or Hang-On. The game is set across the US, with each of the race's "stages" going from one major American city to another. It was developed by UK developer Gremlin Interactive and published in the US, Europe and Japan by separate publishers.

The player can name their own racer and assign bike and jetski parts to them depending on how much money they have to spend on better quality equipment. More money can be found while racing, along with score bonuses and repair icons. Each stage of the race has both a bike and a jetski component in the "Combination" setting, or just one or the other in the "Solo" setting. The player's bike can only take so much damage before being too damaged to complete the race, and the racers can kick opponents if they're close enough (a la Road Rash).

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