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Furi was released in 2016 by indie developer The Game Bakers. It was a part of the PlayStation Plus game lineup for June 2016. The story follows a man known only as The Stranger and his untrustworthy accomplice, The Voice as they attempt to flee a prison guarded by Jailers with distinct abilities, characteristics and relationships with each of them.

Its art style employs stark neon colors and tessellated shapes in an attempt to evoke a "cyber-fantasy" vibe. Takashi Okazaki, known best for his work on the Afro Samurai series, designed the games characters.

Furi's soundtrack is comprised of uptempo, electronic, dance style music with Game Bakers saying on their website: "Furi was conceived from the early days with and for electro music." Numerous artists provided original tracks for the game, including Carpenter Brut, Danger, Lorn, Scattle, The Toxic Avenger, Waveshaper and Kn1ght.


There are three difficulty levels to choose from: Promenade, Furi, and Furier. Furier is made available after the player beats the game on Furi, and a Speedrun mode is unlocked after the player beats Furier.

Dodging and parrying are key components to the flow of the gameplay, since the enemies attacks are constant and cover large areas. Occasionally, the player will be forced to stay in the enemies melee range.

Striking an enemy successfully three times in a row activates a cutscene, during which the player's character hits the enemy again. A well timed parry grants the player more health, and their character model glows green.

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