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A follow up to the first Game Boy Wars game on the Nintendo Game Boy handheld, Game Boy Wars Turbo builds upon the formula of the first game but is largely the same game. One of the major issues with the original Game Boy Wars is that the computer AI requires a very long think time before making a move for each unit. As the name of this game suggests the main focus of this entry in the series is to improve on the speed of the game, specifically the thinking time of the computer AI over the original Game Boy Wars. Hudson has been able to implement a stronger and smarter computer AI while also increase the speed to roughly five times over its predecessor.

The game contains a total of 54 all new maps created specifically for this iteration of the series. A different version that is only available via the Famitsu gift exchange program was also made available at the time. This version contained completely original maps which could not be found in the original version.

Other than differences described above, the game itself is entirely based on the original Game Boy Wars game. All units available in the game are the same, and so is the basic system of the game. Like the original Game Boy Wars the game also features a full save system which allow users to store up to two game saves (between battles) and one quick save (in battle).

The game's package is different to other traditional Game Boy games where the case is made of metal. The game retailed for 4200yen (before tax) and was published by Hudson on June 27th, 1997 as a Japanese only release.


Official website (Japanese)


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