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    The Game Wave Family Entertainment System is a simple DVD-based game platform from ZAPiT Games.

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    The ZAPiT Game Wave Family Entertainment System is a family-oriented video game console released October 2005 in Canada.  The console is meant to provide an alternative to traditional game consoles by being a console meant for family settings with a software library almost exclusively for non-gamers.  Game Wave uses up to six proprietary remote controls, which resemble TV remotes, to give non-gamer players a familiar tool to control the game with.  Most games are spinoffs of popular board games or trivia games.  Games are on DVD media and the limited control system means games must be must more straightforward than traditional games, so it is unlikely games such as action games or RPGs will ever be released on the Game Wave.  One of the main advertised features of the Game Wave is that six players can play simultaneously, so there is no waiting for turns such as in a board game.


    The Game Wave console doubles as a DVD player and comes standard with four wireless remotes for an MSRP of $99.  The console comes bundled with the game 4 Degrees: The Arc of Trivia, Vol. 1.  Two extra controllers are available for $30.  The console itself supports either composite or S-Video output and recognizes up to 6 of the color-coded controllers.  On the side of the console are six slots that hold the controllers.  None of the controllers take precedence over any of the others, so any controller can control movies or game menus.  The system is not very powerful and graphics are colorful, but often simple 2D mixed with text.

    In the Bilmar Station Sports Tavern of Tampa, FL there is a prototype coin-op Game Wave system.  It's a 4-player arcade game that has all of the Game Wave games built in, as well as others such as Texas Hold 'Em.  The game is a redemption game but players are not rewarded with tickets individually.  Presumably the winner of the game gets the tickets.


    Game Wave software is largely based around trivia, word games, and simple board games, as the console is not powerful enough, nor does the control scheme lend itself to more complex games.  Being marketed as a family console, every game supports multiplayer for six players.  Every game is also developed and published by ZAPiT Games and carries an MSRP of $24.99.  The Game Wave currently has variations of Boggle, Yahtzee, Hangman, Blackjack, Sudoku, and Scrabble.  There are also six various trivia games, three of which are based on recent history.  Each trivia game claims to offer up to 25 hours of play without repeat questions.  New software from ZAPiT games does not appear likely.

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