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A spectacular, intense and wild campaign

One of the best titles of the last year arrives finally to PC in a superb form. Exceptional optimization, fantastic controls and abundant unpublished contents. Gears of War is an authentic graphical beast that would be a sin to lose it. What Gears of War supposed for Xbox 360 the last year was a phenomenon difficult to predict. Its proclamation like one of the great ones of 2006, its stunning graphical - still without surpassing a year later -, and the sold of million copies, put  the last title of Epic to highest of the of shooters. The certain thing is that Gears of War was one of the most awaited videogames of the console of Microsoft, but very little people could imagine the authentic phenomenon which it managed to become. For that reason, months later, when Epic announced that they would transfer the adventure of Marcus Fenix and company to PC, all the community of players was excessively glad; the more people can enjoy this jewel the better. Now in the heat of 2007 we received with the open arms the PC version of one of the most revolutionary games of action of the last years. And with its arrival finally one of the doubts that distressed more PC users is sprightly "I will need a computer from the NASA to play it?" Answer: NO. Gears of War is a graphical prodigy that crowns itself like the most shining visual exponent in PC, but we doesn’t need a beast to play it because the optimization is one of its multiple virtues. I must begin indicating the kindness of the controls in the new Gears of War. The style is identical to the X360 version, all the actions are made with a same button. Cover, sprint, jump, etc. It is a simple system and guessed right that simplifies the movement mechanisms, and that already the last year were discovered like an authentic success. The aimed system has undergone a sensational face washing  to adapt  the mouse-keyboard system with ability, and it seems that the difficulty level has been readjusted cause it continues being challenging. Although if we wished it, we can connect ours pad of the 360 and play in equally comfortable form. Gears of War in PC offers without no type of adjustments the complete campaign which many already enjoy the last year in the X360, but with a very important adding. To the five chapters of the console edition, an epilogue is added with more than one hour, for the certainly brief last section of the adventure. One of the keys of the unusual success of Gears of War was its powerful multiplayer. To the possibility of completing the campaign accompanied by a colleague, the multiple maps added for battle, which all together made from Epic’s game the incontestable king of Xbox Live until the arrival of Halo3. Now, when the PC version arrives, we find the same pillars, but with new maps and game modes to complete the multiplayer experience. The question that that many fans is not free of certain logic: In what platform is better Gears of War? The answer is simple. If we have a powerful PC, forget about the hardware that is limited in Xbox 360. However, and although it could seem the opposite, the specifications necessary to run this game are not to the maximum level of  madness that many would be possible think seeing its overwhelming aspect. In my PC - Amd Athlon 64 4200 x2, a GPU XFX 7900 GT with 2 gigas of ram, the game has run with all the graphical options to the maximum, between rates of 30 and 40 fps at very stable speed, which in these times, is worthy of praise. New contents and sensational graphics with a shining optimization, are the main features of Gear of War. A spectacular, intense and wild campaign; and a multiplayer which, for obvious reasons, it has been an unquestionable king of Xbox Live, complete the experience. If you are a fan of the action, you cannot miss this one.

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