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Early Life

Geordi La Forge was born on February 16, 2335 in the African Confederation on Earth. Born blind, due to a birth defect, he wears a device called a VISOR (Visual Instrument and Sensory Organ Replacement) which allows him to "see" in infrared, ultraviolet, and beyond. The result is that Geordi can see clearly, but in a much different way than normal humans who would be completely disoriented by what he sees. He received his VISOR when he was five years old allowing him to see for the first time.

His parents were both highly ranked in Starfleet, with his mother in command of her own starship, the USS Hera. Silva La Forge (his mother), along with her ship, went missing and was listed as missing in action in 2370. Geordi encountered what he believed to be his mother during this time, but later found that it was a group of aliens using her image to trick him into helping them. Edward M. La Forge (his father) was a famous exozooligist and may have retired to his homeplanet Vulcan, but no one knows for sure. A highly intelligent sister (Arina) is also mentioned, but not much is known about her.

Geordi moved around a lot as a child and learned many languages; for an example, he speaks "hahlilan" which proved useful many times later in his career. He also loves to study history, build model ships, play cards, swim, and roll dramatically under descending blast doors.

Starfleet Career

After he was educated at Starfleet Academy (in the year 2357) he got a job as second lieutenant and pilot of a ship flying from Jupiter to Saturn (to and from). He became famous for his "titan move" which entails steering toward Saturn's moon, Titan, and using its gravity to launch the ship at 70% of the speed of light. One day, Captain Picard noted La Forge's abilty to handle a spacecraft and later, when he got the command of USS Enterprise D (in the year 2364), he requested La Forge to come onboard (in the meantime he served, at the ship U.S.S. Victory under the command of Captain Zimbata).

Upon joining Picard on the USS Enterprise D he was assigned as its conn officer (flight controller). The following year he was promoted to lieutenant and was moved into the engineering section as the head engineer where he excelled and eventually reached the rank of lieutenant commander. Geordi continued his service under Picard even after the transfer to the Enterprise E.

Game Appearances

Geordi's first video game appearance was in the PC adventure game Star Trek: The Next Generation - The Transinium Challenge where he assists Commander William Riker in investigating an attack on an outpost in the Aquila System.

Geordi appears in the very similar games Future's Past and Echoes of the Past as a crew member and possible away team member. Geordi can join the player when beaming down to the planet and aid in combat with his phaser.

Geordi also appears in A Final Unity where he remains in the engineering section of the ship. The player can take manual control of the station or assign Geordi to take control. He can also be chosen as a member of the player's away team.


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