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    God of War II

    Game » consists of 9 releases. Released Mar 13, 2007

    God of War II continues the story of Kratos as he wields his newly-bestowed god-like powers, much to the dismay and fear of the other gods.

    filiwian's God of War II (PlayStation 2) review

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    A great sequel that comes with great new features that will leave

    In this sequel of God War 2 you once again take role as Kratos. Your main weapon is the blades of chaos that can be leveled up to have some devastating combos. Taking place in mythological time, Kratos powers are taken away because the gods have grown afraid of how strong he has become. In this sequel you try to take revenge and try to gain back the powers in order to be the God of War once again. By doing this you travel back in time using your pegasus in order to prevent this event from happening. As you progress more into the storyline you gain new weapons and powers that will quite prove to be very useful throughout the game. As you level up these weapoons become stronger in both combos and attacks.

    As you continue along on the journey you meet some new characters that can prove to be somewhat difficult depending on the strategy of your gameplay. Unlike the first game, you're now on the side of Titans and learn how they came to be.The game also has new difficulty modes to unlock that will be useful to get bonus content throughout. Kratos also has a new power which is similiar to that in part one where it allows him to become in a state of being a god, only in this though its different in a way that allows you to do more combos with ease and some awe inspiring moves. Once you finish the game the bonus content includes some unlockable costumes that allow you infinite magic, stronger attacks, etc. and will want you to play it over and over again. This sequel proves to be one of the best game out there that you should definately have in your library for the ps2.

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