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Not very immersive but just enough to keep you playing. 0

One of the first games to come out for the ps3 truly shows what it's capabilities with it's graphics and physics. Motorstorm includes vehicles of all types that ranges from atvs to mud pluggers and includes various amounts of vehicles to unlock along with new tickets that gain you access to new races. Game gets a little repetetive when you find yourself playing the same tracks over and over again but are rewarding in the end. The terrain is a little tricky to maneuver through but it all depends ...

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One of the 1st FPS that defines next-gen consoles capabilities. 0

One of the best FPS I've played in years. It has a great storyline with great graphics that are a sight to see. The storyline may be short but has more to offer online with it's customizable weapons and perks. The storyline consists of playing a variety of  mission that leave you on the edge of your seat along with breath-taking cutscenes. Once you finish the game you can go back and play it again and look for intel that enable you to unlock cheats such as infinite ammo depending on how many yo...

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A game that defines next-gen gaming. 0

Great game that goes far beyond my expectation of naughty dog graphics. It revolutionizes what the ps3 is capable of doing. Uncharted has that feel of tomb raider but better. Having a variety of weapons and impressing combos that makes you want to play the game again once your done. The gameplay can be a little hard since shooting them in the body more than ten times with a pistol doesn't necessarily kill them . What's great about the game is the graphics and storyline. It's about finding Drake...

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You're Altair, and you have only one goal; assassinate. 0

Assassins Creed takes place in four different cities including Jerusalem where you're an assassin named Altiar who's on a mission to kill those appointed by your leader. In this game your able to do parkour which is a sport kinda like freerunning. You're given a variety of weapons such as a sword to a hidden blade that enables you to stealth assassinate people without getting caught. What stands out in this game is that everything can be reacted to and at the same time still able to make the sur...

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One of the best games out there for real time strategy. 0

If you're into setting off nukes and calling in airstrikes and pretty much everything at your disposal then this is the game for you. The game has much to offer with campaign as you take on the role of different people that live out the dreaded war if the Cold War never ended. Although the ending may leave you with many pondering questions, overall it's still a great game. You get to take part on four different roles which include infantry,armor,support,and air. Each category has its own unique ...

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Another sequal to the great series of Hitman as he attempts to go 1

In this sequel of Hitman you play as Agent 47 that is sent off to do a variety missions each containing its own unique way of completing them. As you continue more along with the storyline you get a better understanding of how Agent 47 became a legend over the years as he continued along with his assasssinations. The game features a variety of weapons that are fully customizable to your liking from a silenced shotgun to a pistol with an equiped scope. How you complete the mission is entirely up ...

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A great sequel that comes with great new features that will leave 0

In this sequel of God War 2 you once again take role as Kratos. Your main weapon is the blades of chaos that can be leveled up to have some devastating combos. Taking place in mythological time, Kratos powers are taken away because the gods have grown afraid of how strong he has become. In this sequel you try to take revenge and try to gain back the powers in order to be the God of War once again. By doing this you travel back in time using your pegasus in order to prevent this event from happen...

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A Great Sequel to the Series 0

This new chapter in the series takes a whole new turn as you play Dante and Nero along with all new characters that will prove to be fun battling. As you progress through the storyline you learn that Nero contains demonic power where his arm also know as devil bringer has the ability to grab enemies from a distance and crush them to the ground with a devastating blow. You get to use a revolver also known as the Blue Rose and a sword mainly named Red Queen which was customized by Nero himself. Ne...

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Burnout Paradise Review 0

In Burnout Paradise you're a lone driver whose goal is to become the best in Paradise City and to use every twist and turn to take you one step closer to reaching the finish line. In this newest installment of Burnout things take a whole new turn as you get to unlock events and a whole variety of different vehicles. Burnout has continued to live up to its name with full-fledged crashes that will leave you on the edge of your seat. In this sequel you begin with a driver license that you must leve...

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