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Godzilla chilling  downtown
Godzilla chilling  downtown
After 1998, the year that saw the release of an Americanized Godzilla, the filmmakers were stumped as to where to go next. The film hadn't done terribly at the box office, but sales certainly hadn't been what the film's creators were hoping for. A planned trilogy, the sequels were lying around and people weren't sure what to do with them. In the end, the concept turned into Godzilla: The Series, a Saturday morning cartoon airing on Fox Kids. This cartoon actually turned out to be quite successful so... as one might imagine, a video game was to follow. Crave Entertainment published and Crawfish Interactive developed the game of the same name for the Game Boy Color. Released in 1999, the game was played in an on-rails format. Players took control of the towering giant himself and went to work in defeating numerous foes unleashed by a... certain someone. Players could not move Godzilla left or right, but they could make him crouch; A and B functioned as attack buttons. Players went through the levels bringing down the military forces until reaching a monster boss at the end of the level.

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