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So this is what happens when Godzilla takes a dump.

This is not a complete review of a game I played for hours on end. This is a first, quick, and last impressions of a game that shows no interest in making a great experience for the player. This is a cash-in turd with no soul.

I was a big fan of the old PS2/Xbox/GameCube era Godzilla games. They seemed low budget, but since the movies are low budget that's fine. Low budget but fun is a perfectly serviceable niche, especially for a kaiju game. Those old games just kinda "got" what a Godzilla game needed to be. Big ass monsters, destructible cities, and a free-for-all mode for one to four players. It even had Xbox Live support if you got the Xbox version back in the early 00's. Those games were great.

This new Godzilla game looked like it was going to be a successor to those games. The last of those old G games came along at the start of the Wii with a game called Godzilla: Unleashed. It wasn't as good as Destroy All Monsters: Melee or Godzilla: Save the Earth, but all of them were fun monster fighting games. They all managed to be fun even if the controls weren't as tight as you'd like or the graphics weren't as great as some other games of their day.

This new game has the worst controls I've experienced in years. You think Resident Evil's old "tank" style controls were bad? Believe me when I say that it's far worse in this 2015 Godzilla game. You have to use shoulder buttons to turn the character. Button presses are sluggish and often don't seem to have registered. And the core gameplay is very lame. Rumble around, stomp on generators, occasionally meet another kaiju and take turns slapping one another until you build you "Temp" gauge and unleash a breath attack. It's just rote, it's awful. And MMO's have better combat.

Avoid this game at all costs. Even if you are a die-hard G fan, you deserve better than this. A friend of mine who is a G fanatic suggested to me that this was a game for G loyalists. He rattled off a list of Godzilla collectibles and rare prints of the films that he had as a means of saying "Yeah, this game isn't great but I'm fan enough to love it". That's fine if you dig it. But I feel the big guy deserves better. Godzilla games don't have to be lousy. All they had to do was copy those 12 year old original Xbox/PS2/GC games and update them with some modern graphics. That would have been an amazing entry into my personal game collection. And it'd have been a game I would be eager to evangelize. Instead, they dumped a dinosaur sized turd on me and apparently I'm not dedicated enough to sit and eat the turd and say I like it. So be it then.

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