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    A flamboyant and honorable Genma warrior in Onimusha 2 who claims to be the greatest swordsman of all demons.

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    Basic Information

    Gogandantess is a demon swordsman with a strong humanoid appearance in Onimusha 2. Despite being a demon he has a very noble, honorable, and chivalrous attitude. Gogandantess makes it a point to introduce himself every time he makes an appearance; being sure to add that he is the Greatest Swordsman of all the Demons with each and every introduction.


    Gogandantess encounters, and formally challenges Jubei to a duel, on three separate occasions over the course of Onimusha 2, and considers Jubei to be his rival. The exact reasons behind Gogandantess's obsession with Jubei are unknown, whether he is working as an assassin for Nobunaga, or if Gogandantess simply wishes to prove himself against an individual he considers to be worthy enough of his magnificent skill.

    In the first duel Jubei is forced to run away, due to a magic shield surrounding Gogandantess that protects him from harm. Gogandantess berates Jubei for running away from the fight, noting that it is a cowards way out, despite the fact that Jubei has no means with which to successfully combat Gogandantess at this time.

    The second duel ends when Oyu throws herself between Gogandantess and Jubie before Gogandantess can strike a killing blow on Jubei; refusing to hurt the innocent woman to get to Jubei.

    In the third duel, Jubei is finally able to use a magic flute to lower Gogandantess's magic shield, making him vulnerable to attack. Despite Jubei beating Gogandantess in the fight, when the building they are in begins to destruct around them, Gogandantess risks himself in one final act of chivalry to save Oyu from falling to her death.

    With Gogandantess's defeat, Jubei obtains one of the sacred orbs needed to defeat Nobunaga.


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