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Grand Theft Auto III 0

Around the Christmas of 2001, there was a bit of a rivalry brewing between the PS2 and the new Xbox. Both systems had a high-profile game coming out. The PS2 had Metal Gear Solid 2, and the Xbox had Halo. But a lesser known game came out of nowhere to far more commercial success than either, a 3D sequel to a kitschy top-down driving series. It was GTA3, and it was a lot of fun. I remember playing it for the first time and being amazed by what I could do. It was the first true open-world game of ...

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A Great Game Back in the Day, But It Has Aged 0

GTA3 was a pretty amazing game back during it release and added gas to the heated "video games are ruining children" debate that was started by games like the original Mortal Kombat. But it has not aged well and with all of the improvements to the open world genre, GTA3 is hard to play in 2011.   Gameplay: This is by far the least aspect of the game affected by age in my opinion (which is a good thing). If you have played a 3rd person shooter over the pass 10 years you should be familiar with th...

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Plain and simply, one of the greatest games of all time. 0

Truth to be told, no review can do justice to the greatness that is Grand Theft Auto III; a game that completely reinvented a series, and whose massive scope can't be fully appreciated unless you have already played the game. This is one of those games that redefines a genre and raises the bar of quality so high, it's tough to duplicate it, much less surpass it.While the game's Mature rating is right on the spot, it should be noted that this isn't a murder simulator (like the idiot Jack Thompson...

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Bada Bing! 0

What can I say here, boys & girls? It's Grand Theft Auto. It's the one that 60% of all the games ever made afterwards have compared themselves to in some way, shape, or form. It's strange, because unlike other huge groundbreaking titles, like Zelda or Super Mario Bros., GTA III hasn't exactly aged well. The Liberty City found herein is so laughably small compared to the Sahara Desert sandboxes we get to play around in today that it's almost a little claustrophobic at times. There were no mot...

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Grand Theft Auto III: An Excellent Start to a Great Series 0

Where do you start with a game like Grand Theft Auto 3? Do you start with the immense sense of freedom that the game provides you with? Or what about the sheer depth and astounding attention to detail present? How about the mature subject matter that was so scandalous for its time? Actually, does this game even need an introduction?It’s been over ten years since Grand Theft Auto 3 exploded onto the PlayStation 2 and created a shock wave that was felt all around the industry, and arguably t...

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The reason I got a PS2 0

Grand theft auto 3 is the first time the series went 3D. One and two were top down 2D. It’s also the First time the game has a story. Some guy (never gives a name is the story) get betrayed by a woman during a bank robbery and goes to jail. When he and a few other prisoners get transferred one of the prisoner’s guys comes and breaks him out and letting you and 8 ball free. 8 ball helps you find work and thus the journey begins. You start with missions of pick up a person to saving the woman you...

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The Blueprint 0

It was one of the most notable releases in an overwhelming year for video games, stands out as one of the largest names when looking back at the previous decade, and will continue to receive premier accolades as long as video games exist. The quality of storytelling in games, the concept of sandbox gameplay in a well realized environment, and developers and publishers who aren’t afraid to flip off tight asses all have GTA3 to thank for setting a towering benchmark.  Your nameless, voiceless char...

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A Life of Crime 0

Grand Theft Auto III set the gaming world on fire when it came out in late 2001. It was hitherto one of the most violent and mature games ever released while creating an entirely new genre, the sandbox. All these years later,  it's still clear why this was a classic in the first place, but the dated presentation and some pacing issues make it feel slightly unpolished. As a result, GTA III doesn't feel quite as fresh as it did the day it came out, but it's still a whole lot of fun.In Grand Theft ...

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The sum of its parts... 1

Perhaps it's taken me forever, perhaps I just missed the train, or perhaps I just moved onto other games and forgot to, but I'm finally of the club that has played GTA3 to it's finish, so here goes the review... What needs to be said probably already has, and better, but lets just say that GTA is one of the most singularly enjoyable games of all time. Even when you really delve into each aspect of the game, none of the gameplay elements really stands out as exceptional, and if you took just on...

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