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    Grand Theft Auto IV

    Game » consists of 25 releases. Released Apr 29, 2008

    Take on the role of Niko Bellic, a Serbian immigrant who comes to the US at his cousin Roman's request, to find a better life, search for "that special someone" and participate in lawless activities in an upgraded generation of Liberty City.

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    Digital Dong 0

      In The Lost and Damned, you’ll play as Johnny Klebitz, the vice-president of a once civil bike gang. All of his attempts at maintaining a peaceful, prosperous biker gang go to hell when the president, Billy Grey, is released from rehab and decides to throw a 40oz at common sense. If you thought it was weird that Grand Theft Auto 4 tried so hard to make you sympathize for the sociopath Niko Bellic, then you’re in luck because this game is filled with certifiably despicable jerks that you’d n...

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    Lifestyles of the rich and wretched 0

      Bas Rutten is an ever-popular retired mixed martial arts known for his liver kicking, impassioned colour commentary tracks for Pride FC (emphasizing the word “colour”), and his immaculately awesome martial arts instruction videos. A walking onomatopoeia, Bas Rutten has become a Youtube arse-whooping sensation for his love of sound effects to accompany his brand of violence. Fans of El Guapo will be thrilled to know that Bas returns for another fake episode of the fake television show “The Men...

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    To live again in Liberty City... (TLAD) 2

    It’s a bit weird how this generation has introduced the inclusion of downloadable content, as on the one hand it theoretically allows games to be expanded in fantastic ways, but on the other hand companies like Namco Bandai and Electronic Arts have made DLC rear its ugly head. Grand Theft Auto: The Lost and Damned not only proves a good justification for the existence of DLC, but also expands on the idea of what DLC can really do and sets a lead that all other developers and publishers should fo...

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    Rockstar Reinvigorates GTA with the Lost and the Damned. 0

    So I just finished the Lost and the Damned. Yes, simple as that, but I must say it was AWESOME. Which is quite a surprise because I could not stand to finish GTA IV because of the repetitive missions, and your annoying friends, it seemed that every time you were about to do something fun, Roman would call up and would state that you and him don't spend enough time together, and that you guys should go see some American titties. Of course I'd say no because I'm about to jump off a freakin' helico...

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    Brilliant GTA game, absolutely phenomenal DLC! 3

    The Ballad of Gay Tony gives you the final ending to a long line of Liberty City stories. Starting with the tale of a cynical and fearlessly loyal immigrant who sadly was groomed through life experiences to become a cold blooded gun for hire, to then playing as a misguided member of a biker gang who was always for rebeling against what he thought was wrong and not afraid to cause some damage in the process. Niko and Johnny got nothing on what weapons Luis gets to pack TBoGT now places you in the...

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    Say goodnight to the city that never sleeps 0

     From April 2008 to October 2009 our time in Liberty City is finally over. We’ve led the life of an Eastern European immigrant in search of the American Dream and a chance at revenge, to the rough and tumble biker just trying to keep his gang - or should I say ‘family’ - from the brink of annihilation. We’ve experienced the seedy underworld of this sprawling city, and now it’s time to hit the high life; full of expensive clubs, fast cars and lots and lots of gold. The Ballad of Gay Tony is the t...

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    The Lost and Damned Review 0

    The Lost and Damned is a download available on the Xbox Live Marketplace, PSN, and for download for PC for $20, respectively.  The expansion, while still being an expansion, is an entirely new game with new characters, story, weapons, vehicles, activities, and multiplayer modes.  While there are no new areas to explore, TLAD features the Rockstar brand of storytelling that everyone has come to know and love. Johnny Klebitz, VP of The Lost The Lost and Damned stars Johnny Klebitz, the Vice-Presid...

    8 out of 10 found this review helpful.

    Grand Theft Auto IV is bigger, and more bad than the rest. 7

    The months and years of waiting for Grant Theft Auto IV have paid off for gamers around the world. GTA fans alike were cringing in their seats as they waited for an affirmative release date for the latest installment in this sandbox series. After GTA IV becoming multiplatform, announcements of it having downloadable content, and it being delayed, Grand Theft Auto IV is here. It is most certainly bigger, badder, and better than the rest of the GTA games. April 29th, 2008 has come and gone. Ladie...

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    Book your own dinner date between murders. 0

    Grand Theft Auto 4 : A city-based action game comprised mostly of shooting things, driving things and driving over things, combined with the immigrant experience. Story : Niko Bellic has immigrated to Liberty City on brother Roman’s promise of living the American dream (and other reasons) only to realize that Roman is in debt to bad people. Fortunately, Niko has military training and a very dark past, and after his initial guilt trip of his first murder and crime (which completely undermines the...

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    If you don’t like The Sopranos way of things - stay away. 0

    Here we are with the second piece of promised DLC for GTAIV. Exclusive to the Xbox360(for now, if rumors are to be believed that is), for 20bux off of the Xbox Live Marketplace, or on the “Episodes From Liberty City” disc. Which is 40bux but it also comes with “The Lost And The Damned”. I liked this DLC even more than the last one, this gets a 9/10 from me. The Good – Rockstar has really gotten the whole storytelling thing down, everything from the dialog, the voice acting, heck, even the way th...

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    GTAIV: The Lost and Damned revs it's engines 0

    If I'd given out awards to last year’s games, my vote for Game of the Year would’ve most certainly gone to Grand Theft "Anybody else smell smoke?"Auto IV. So it was with much excitement that I fought off sleep to download The Lost and Damned, the first downloadable content available for my favorite game of 2008. The Lost and Damned comes in at a cool $20 - or 1600 magical Microsoft Points if you prefer thinking of it that way. In TLAD, you step into the shoes of Johnny Klebitz, Vice...

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    Grand Theft Auto IV review 0

    Having written already two versions of this review, it’s dawned on me that reviewing a game like Grand Theft Auto IV is obscenely difficult. How do you approach a review of a game that literally offers over 60 hours of varied gameplay? Not just that but you also have to take into account the multiplayer, the fun that you’ll have just roaming around the sandbox-like city… It’s difficult to take all of those into account and a write a review that will inform you on every aspect that makes GTA IV ...

    4 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    GTA IV continues the great production, but the formula is tiring. 0

    GTA IV packs a lot of stuff into one disc, and as such it has a lot of things to talk about. Basic premise is any other GTA layout. You play as Nikolai, "Nicky" as his friends call him, and you're an immigrant from overseas. You've come to Liberty City for numerous reasons, many being laid out as the story unfolds. Regardless, as far as you are concerned, you are there to live a new life with your cousin Roman. The controls are all fairly the same. You can jump, use/switch weapons, auto-aim on ...

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    The GTAIV Sausage Review 4

    Grand Theft Auto IV is no question the biggest game of 2008(even though it's only April) and there have been epic amounts of hype behind it. I have been a fan of the series since it's birth on the PC and all those people who argue that the series is a Sony series can go and F*** their PS3 in a closet because they are what I like to call "retards". This is no question the best game in the series, but it is far from perfect. Some problems from past games are still present, but major issues(like sh...

    5 out of 9 found this review helpful.

    Game of the Year, no contest. 0

    Ah yes, GTA IV. To say the least, it’s a brilliant game, but you don’t need us to tell you that. A simple Google search will provide you with thousands of people praising it. We can tell you, quite assuredly, that this is one of the best games of the year. However, that’s not what we’re here for. We’re going to analyze GTA IV… we’re going to pinpoint exactly what makes it a great game. It’s not just the free roaming, nor the spectacular graphics; the vehicle physics or the oft-hilarious euphori...

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    Small things make this game pull away from perfection 0

    Firslty, let me say that I do love this game. However, thinking about this game critically changes that perspective. OK, now then, dont get any illusions-GTA is a great game. Maybe not as good as the hype, but still great. The gameplay is good, the graphics are good...just about everything passes the 'good' mark. However, some key parts almost made me give this game 5 stars.  The first one was the voice acting. Strange reason to give a game a 5, but still-once you hear this game, it sets a bench...

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    The Lost & Damned is an exceptional first entry as GTA DLC. 0

    The original announcement at E3 06, the delays pushing the episodic content further back, and the fifty million dollars. Several months after the original details of the downloadable content were revealed, the Lost and the Damned is finally here. The Lost and Damned packs a new storyline featuring a new character, new modes, weapons, and vehicles, and even some controversy to go along with it. After all of the mentioned events, people want to know if it lives up to the hype. Subtly put, Lost and...

    2 out of 3 found this review helpful.

    To call this game amazing would be a gross understatement 4

    Grand Theft Auto in my eyes is one of the best game series of all time and is destined to be a classic remembered twenty years down the road and beyond. It was to my great joy that Grand Theft Auto IV was hinted at some three years ago and what a journey has it been. Thankfully on Tuesday, April 29th 2008 the game I waited oh so long for finally came out after a couple of mind numbingly annoying delays. I had huge expectations from this game as it garnered the first 10 from Gamespot and IGN in a...

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    Fantastic game with only a few minor problems. 0

    Very good game. Many people have already explored what's good about it, I'll try and pick apart the things that I didn't like as much. The only problems I really had were with the targeting system. On occassion, the auto-lock would lock onto somebody far away, or a pedestrian, while there was somebody right next to me attacking me. Kind of annoying, but easily fixed by letting the trigger a bit looser and using the manual aim. Still, it's a bit frustrating dying this way. Another problem was w...

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    Hey... That's 21 in Dog Years 0

    I’ve been a bit off the grid these past few months, but what better way to get with the times than by reviewing a game that’s more than three years old? This week I’ll be reviewing Grand Theft Auto IV, which is actually something like the eighth or ninth title in the franchise. (Apparently Rockstar Games has decided to take their sequel-counting conventions from Square Enix, makers of the upcoming title Final Fantasy XIII-2(a), Part 3, Paragraph 5.)Design: 5 ⁄ 5After making the genre of sandbox ...

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    So this... this is the American Dream... 0

    The first "true" sequel to the revelutionary Grand Theft Auto III, GTA IV throws gamers back into the crime-ridden streets of Liberty City for another spree of sex, violence, humor, and drama.  However, the only thing gamers will recognize from the original GTA III is the same signature free-roaming sand box gameplay that put Rockstar's game franchise on the map.  Though things have been added, its what GTA IV removes from the picture of past experiences, the way it streamlines gameplay and adds...

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    so good 0

    very nice game you shuld try it . its so good so nice its so beauteful game..............................................................................................................,,,,,,,...........,,,,,,.,.,.,.,..,.,..,.............,,,,,,,,,,,,............,,,,,,,,,.,..,.,.,..,.,..,.,.,.,.,.,.,,,,,,,,,....................................

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    Peace and Prosperity be damned! 0

      The motivation behind seasoned biker Johnny Klebitz's moral ridden stride through life.Johnny is the rough, tough and unhygienic Vice-President of The Lost Motorcyle Club.With their fearless, and probably fear inducing, leader incarcirated, Johnny took the position to lead the gang to reliable financing and in a life of harmony, sort of, with truces abound between other gangs with the only thing on their to-do list to simply enjoy living life as the rebels of society that they are.However Bil...

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    GTA IV finally brings everything to life 0

    Rockstar brought back Liberty City for Grand Theft Auto IV. This time Liberty City has been changed and made more realistic and more fun for the player. Rockstar has also fixed all of the problems in past GTA IV games, from irritating glitches and the weapon system to make a more rounded game. This time round we follow Niko Bellic. He has come to the United States to start a new life, a better than the one that he had in the "old country" he comes from. He comes on behalf of his cousin, Roman,...

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    Grand Theft Auto IV Review 0

    I really liked playing GTA IV, it had much more depth and story than the already excellent GTA III. Niko Belic is an extremely realistic character who comes to Liberty City to get away from the crime and debt he was in. He soon finds out that life in Liberty City is not as good as his cousin Roman said it was and he soon gets into trouble with the law and the mafia. My favorite thing about the game is the moral decisions you must make like choosing whether to spare or kill someone during a m...

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    GTA 4 Review (the story) 0

    Every three to five years a video game comes out that just totally wins everyone over.  Games that are universal in their appeal to everybody and if It not, is so perfect in its niche that it wins over those who don’t even like that style of game.  Grand Theft Auto IV takes the gameplay of the legendary third installment (that was so famously released on the PlayStation 2) and makes leaps and bounds graphically and in terms of gameplay depth. But what really touches the user and creates this ama...

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    Grand Theft Auto IV: The Ballad of Gay Tony 0

    The current iteration of Liberty City is home to a great number of interesting people, but until now you've been able to play only as two of them. In GTA IV you assumed the role of illegal immigrant Niko Bellic as he stepped off a boat from Eastern Europe. In GTA IV The Lost & Damned a downloadable episode you played as biker gang member Johnny Klebitz. And now in the The Ballad of Gay Tony, which is being released both as a downloadable episode and as part of the Episodes of liberty city st...

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    Grand Theft Auto 4 Review 0

    Rockstar North has created the best game that I have ever played. They have created a game with fantastic gameplay, great online play, and a masterful story, full of grest characters. I can't give it anything other than my highest recommendation. You play as Niko Bellic, a war veteran who comes to Liberty City, USA, (Modeled after New York City,) after his cousin, Roman, tells him about how he has great wealth, a mansion, sports cars, etc. As Niko soon finds out though, Roman was lying. This sta...

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    Not a Ten 0

    Top Ten Reasons Why GTA IV is not a Ten I feel that I must start with a disclaimer: I like GTA IV. It's a great game and easily the best in the series so far. I have fun playing it and by no means do I think it's a *bad* game. But I can't say it's a game that deserves a perfect score, at least not by Gamespot's definition. I don't expect anyone to agree with all of the points below, I only hope that you can agree that GTA IV has flaws. Most are not serious, but all are more than trivial if one...

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    This IS an open ended game. This is truly a fun game with quality and quantity. The story is freaking awesome. You are Niko Bellic, a man trying to be a new person. He goes to live with his cousin Roman Bellic in Liberty City (New York City). Anything else could potentially spoil the great campaign. I'm gonna spend only one sentence explaining about the bad. The controlls are a little bit uhhhh... different. The Good. EVERY OTHER FREAKIN' THING!!! The multiplayer has TMD, racing and other things...

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    ART 0

    I had never viewed the Grand Theft Auto series as legitimate. To me, it always brought itself into attention through shock value and sex-driven advertisements. It could have been possibly growing up in a sheltered, upper-middle class community as well, and a FOX News report may have made its rounds to my mother and her book club circle, and that may have shaped my view. At its surface, GTA has always seemed like a shallow, killing simulator that prided itself in being one-dimensional and evil. ...

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    GTA IV: Great game but still a dissapointment 0

    Description Grand Theft Auto IV was released on April 29th of 2008.  It was Developed by Rockstar North, Published by Rockstar Games, and Distributed by Take-Two Interactive.  In the story you play as Niko Bellic who has come to Liberty City to live "The American Dream" with his cousin Roman.  Niko once lived in Eastern Europe and is a veteran of the Bosnian War.  After Niko gets settled in with his cousin, he realizes that all his tales of fortune and riches are false and happen to be filled...

    3 out of 6 found this review helpful.

    All That Media Attention Means This Must Be Great! 0

    If you are looking at this review, chances are you’re on the fence on the whole GTA money machine, for if you are a fan you would already possess this game and your bloodshot eyes would tell the tale of late nights and long days.  Well Grand Theft Auto IV may not sway those apposed to the whole general concept of the game altogether, it does offer the complete GTA experience, and then some, for those who are indeed undecided.  For those returning for the 7 time, or those looking to see what the ...

    2 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    Grand Theft Sixty-five dollars. 2

    Grand theft auto has always been a series I've managed to avoid. Perhaps it was due to the fact I was one of the six or seven people in North America who didn't buy a Playstation 2, or maybe it's because the few times I did play it at friends houses, I found it to be an under powered, poorly voice acted mess. I was told that for the new generation of consoles, all of these problems would be fixed, a big, beautiful new city, wonderful voice acting, and a story that would pull me in so deeply I ...

    2 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    The Ballad of Lame Tony 0

    This 2nd DLC has more of the stuff I hate about GTA4.  'The Lost and Damned' was a big step in the right direction, but this takes 2 big steps back.  The game is trying even harder to be 'Days of Our Lives'.  The acting is even more wooden and hammy.  The characters, stories and dialogue  feel recycled.  The missions are the same tired old missions I've done in dozens of other games.  The inane mini-games.  The endless chatter in the car; too, from and during missions.   The moronic friends who ...

    2 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    GTA4 is proof that realism isn't always the way to go. 0

        Let me start by saying that I've put in at least 200 hours cumulatively into all of the Playstation 2 Grand Theft Auto games. I loved and cherished them. They played well, had good humor and made you feel like the world's greatest badass at times. Grand Theft Auto 4, with a budget of $100 million and a development time of over four years ultimately proves that Grand Theft Auto relied on more than just the city to play in. How you play in that city matters even more, and this is where GTA4 fa...

    2 out of 4 found this review helpful.

    An enjoyable game that falls apart after Broker. 2

    Warning: spoilers abound. Grand Theft Auto IV is a rather contradictory and schizophrenic game; contradictory in what it establishes within the narrative and tonal direction, and schizophrenic in what it wants to be, be-it a Grand Theft Auto game as we know it or a stand-alone game in and of itself. By taking the series in a more serious direction, Rockstar have replaced the oft-imitated sandbox we've come to love in GTA with a mission based action game that takes place in a very large city; a ...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Absolutely Amazing 0

    Honestly i have never before played a game that i would recommend that everyone play for the story alone. Very rarely do i feel a game can stand up to movies. Granted i don't think that this game can stand up to the great gangster movies of all time but that doesn't mean that if it was released as a Movie with no game tie in it wouldn't receive rave reviews.The most interesting thing to me is that the mission types have not changed much from the Older games but the game play within the missions ...

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    Great enviroments with wonderful graphics! 3

    Grand Theft Auto  is back with its latest installment. You return to a new Liberty CIty as Niko Bellic, a russian who has come to America to start anew. When he arrives in the "land of oppurtunity" he is greeted by his cousin Roman Bellic who has offered to let him stay and work for him to earn some cash. Niko, hoping to settle down and find a girl, soon finds out that his past in Russia has followed him to America. He soon is betrayed by a group of people he thinks is his friends. The person wh...

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    The Leamenator & Grand Theft Auto IV 0

    To put it bluntly, "Grand Theft Auto IV" is nothing less than a masterpiece. It is perfect. From the story, to the visuals, to the controls, to the game engine, to the sound design, to the lighting, to the extreme architecural details, to the tongue-in-cheek American satire, to the protagonist himself (Niko Bellic, the most emotionally versatile of all the GTA protagonists), "Grand Theft Auto IV" is purely flawless as it tells a beautifully written story of hitmen, druggies, car-jackers, and cri...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Gta IV review. 0

    Gta 4 is probably the most highly anticipated game of the year. With the game being out for almost 2 months it has shattered sales records and has received massive critical acclaim. With good reason to, because very few games can fully live up to the hype they deliver, but rest assured Gta 4 does. Let me start by saying that Gta 4 hugely improves upon its predecessors making it the best game of the series.The Explosions in this game are absolutely breathtakingGraphics: The graphics are awesome w...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    A Trip to Liberty City 0

    As someone who hated Grand Theft Auto games (mainly because the graphics were ugly, the cities were boring and the gameplay was awful, especially San Andreas constantly upgrade system), Rockstar Games convinced me with their succesfull marketing to take another trip to Liberty City. Now, it's time to give my opinion...So, most people I know play GTA because the possibilities are endless, not because of the story (like me). In fact, I think most die-hard GTA fans like to hijack a plane, kill peop...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Great, but dissapointing. 0

    I'm a huge GTA fan and to the whole free roaming franchise. Having played the first 2 GTA's it was a bit weird to see the game in 3D, but they did a excellent job at it, having clocked even way more hours in those 3 then in the first 2 was proof to me how great these games are. So you can imagine how much i wanted GTA 4, everything looked amazing about it, it was huge, the graphics engine was finally upto par, and seeing how many new things they added with each game, I simply couldn't wait to p...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

    Black Hearted. 0

    I Missed the boat with Grand theft auto 4. I did however catch a later boat, but not before a nearby fishmonger doused me with the severed heads and glowing chum of hype the game had created. Even With the overpowering exitement growning inside of me, I Find Grand Theft auto 4 to be the best in the series, and one of the most technically impressive games ever made.Though my love for the game at first felt limitless, There is something missing Inside of the Content rich, and scary realistically s...

    1 out of 2 found this review helpful.

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