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    Round or slightly elongated fruit that comes in bunches and can be green, purple or red. They are sometimes made into jelly or juice.

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    Grape "Drinkage"

    All credit given to the great comedian Dave Chappelle for coining the term "Grape Drink." Now how this relates to video games is rather important. For instance, magic or healing potions are usually created by mixing certain ingrediants to then make different colored potions. In some cases, the color of the potion is purple. This style of gameplay can be found in many rpgs, especially in previous years. The most common instance of grape drinkage, however, comes in the form of alcoholic beverages. For example, wine, and champagne can be found in pubs, wine cellars and possibly church in certain games. Hitman, Grand Theft Auto, Oblivion, and Fable are recent examples that utilize this holy mother beverages. 

    Grapes In Action

    Grapes are usually added as decorations to set pieces during most fighting games. For example, there always seems to be that one fruit stand stage where the vendors display of goods are sometimes destroyed by the action occuring on screen. This type of gameplay is usually done to add greater variety to the color pallate for backgrounds. During the intense action in fighting games, strong purples and  reds can be easily spotted when the depth of field technique is done correctly. 

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