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Great Platform but Music Selection and a Few Misses

Guitar Here Live as a Platform

As far as a new "platform" FreeStyleGames has done a commendable job. The new hardware and 2X3 buttons are a nice change and make a lot of sense for a guitar game that emulates a couple of strings. It nice to see "bar cords" that seem more like bar cords than just single button combinations. For that, the developers deserve a lot of credit.

The Live First Person Presentation of "GH Live"

What can I say, it's just not worth anything. Sorry, Its just not. Its done well enough but I just don't care. I never cared if they applauded or hissed. In fact, it was only annoying when they hissed. But it just does not add anything to the experience.

Guitar Here "TV"

This was surprisingly fun to play. I prefer the MTV style videos which are much more fun to watch when you are playing (or not playing). This was a turn in the right direction.

Why its not 4 or 5 Stars

Thats pretty simple, the music selection in both "Live" and "TV" are IMO horrendous for a game titled "Guitar Hero". There is simply not enough focus on.... GUITAR!!! What were the developers thinking? EMO Hero? Pop Hero? New Way Hero? Nooooooooooooooooo. Its GUITAR Hero. I like pop and a lot of other genres of music but the game is called "Guitar Hero". I just want some guitar driven rock, pop, blues, I will even take country! But so much of the music is just not guitar music at all; its just pathetic.

In summary, the only thing the developers/publishers need to do to make this a 4 or 5 star game is to provide some "Guitar Hero" music. I hope they will do that in the upcoming DLC/channels but as of today, its anemic on good guitar music. I am not asking for Led Zeppelin (well I am) but give me something to work with here.


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