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    A classic game from the Stamper brothers and Ultimate Play The Game.

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    You take on the role as Sheriff Quickdraw the new Sheriff of the town of Black Rock.  A band of outlaws has rode in to town and is terrorising the population.  As the Sheriff it's up to you with a little help from your trusty steed Panto to find them and gun them down.

    At the start of each level there is mini game in which bags of money scroll vertically downwards, shooting them gives you money with which you can buy ammo for your gun.

    After you have brought ammo you walk out of the Sheriffs office and into a isometric 3D environment in which you must search the town for your target.  Buildings can be entered, horses can be used and extra money can be found.  Watch out for the cacti as one touch will kill you.  Find and shoot the outlaw.

    Once the outlaw has been shot another mini game starts.  In this mini game the outlaw will rapidly move around the screen and you have to shoot him.  Make sure you've got a quick aim because the outlaw will shoot back and as you progress through the game the skill of the outlaws increases.  If you manage to shoot the outlaw you are paid the bounty and move on to the next level, however if you get shot you lose a life and start back at the Sheriff's office.


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