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Master Chief's Final Mission 0

Halo 3 three is the final installment in the Xbox's most famous trilogy. Halo 3 improves on the orignal with having smoother gameplay, graphics and having a better storyline. For thos who were dissapointed with Halo 2's dissapointed storyline then you'll be pleased to know that Halo 3 delivers a compelling story from the begining to the end. The gameplay has been modified to be a little smoother but no dramatic changes have been made. Online is still full of jerks so you'll have to mute your hea...

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Bullet Point Review: Halo 3 (XB360) 0

What I liked: Graphics - I'm playing on a SDTV, and I still think this game is gorgeous. I can only imagine it on an HD set. New Stuff - The addition of things like the Brute Chopper, Flamethrower, the Mongoose, etc, in the single player campaign, just adds such so much fun to a series that was already filled to the brim with goodness to begin with. Theatre - For those that don't know, Theatre mode allows you to save gameplay footage and go back and re-watch it, pause it, snap sceenshots,etc fr...

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Halo 3 0

Halo: still pretty good. The third installment continues the series tradition of good shooting, incremental gameplay improvements, and an interesting story for a shooter. Unfortunately, it also keeps alive some of its faults, like some repetitive tasks and environments, minor steps backward in some areas and the continued inclusion of the highly uninteresting Flood. I get the desire to mix things up so you're not fighting Covenant the whole time, but seriously, the Flood is boring. I like the st...

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dogsounds reviews: Halo 3. Oorah! 0

Originally written a week after launch.So, now I have had a week to get to grips with Halo 3, let's see if the hype and furore surrounding its launch was worth it. I will try to keep things spoiler-free as best I can, so no give-away screenshots or excessive story spoilers (although I will assume that you are at least familiar with the storyline of the previous two games).With the sales success of Halo 2, Bungie was always going to have an uphill struggle in terms of expectations for Halo 3. Des...

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Halo Wars Review 0

Note: Sorry if this seems a bit incomplete or stupid, but I wrote this one for my school newspaper, too. I have to appeal to the audience, so it obviously isn't what people on GiantBomb probably find the most awesome. I wanted to get some of my thoughts up on the site, though, so here it is: Now, this may come off a bit biased because I am to HALO fans what HALO fans are to normal people. This HALO game, though, is not so much about Master Chief unloading justice into a xenophobic alien species ...

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A fight you won't want to finish! 0

Foreplay  Everybody knows what HALO is, but i really want to make a single review for every game i have purchased over the years, and i think HALO 3 is where i am going to start. Why? Because it's the one game i keep coming back to. There aren't many games that can keep me coming back for several years after release, but this game just grabbed me by the balls and never let go! PLOTIf you're playing HALO for the story, you're doing it wrong. Although HALO doesn't have an unnecessarily ba...

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My fav fps for 2yrs 0

Until MW2 came out this was my favorite first person shooter game. The grapics are excellent, the story mode was fun, and the online play is amazing!! The achievements are also challanging but very fun, I can't recommend this game enough, and I can't wait for Halo Reach! you rock Bungie!...

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Halo 3 is a solid FPS game the smoothly wraps up the Halo series 0

Halo 3 like it's predecessor Halo 2 is the highly anticipated First Person Shooter made by Bungie. It skillfully wraps up the Halo series by tying up any loose ends and not leaving us in the same place where we began like Halo 2's campaign did. Find out how it stacks up in my review below.  Gameplay: The Gameplay in Halo 3 is the same as it's predecessors and is as satisfying as ever with a couple new additions to the weapon roster such as the Spartan Laser and returning Assault Rifle. This time...

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Halo3 0

Halo3 is fun and cool story is good graphics are cool online is fun and hard to i love2do forg but the best part of the game is that u can T-Bag i love that :) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------...

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Halo 3 wasn't worth all the hype. 0

Halo 3 is without a doubt the most highly anticipated videogames in history. When I reached the end of Halo 2 and Master Chief says he is going to end the fight then the game went off, I just wanted to punch a hole in the screen because I wanted to play on so much. Yeah Halo 2 wasn't as good as Halo, but it was still a brilliant game. So is Halo 3 better then the first two........ no.Even though the first Halo game made less sense then the other two in regards to you don't know too much of what...

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Amazing Finish to Trilogy 0

Game-play This Game changed there's more action and its the best in the series. This game has a better frame rate and also better mission altough the game is pretty short compared to halo one and two. The last mission has allot of action i've realised that in this game their's some mission's that are boring and harder. But im trying to ignore those bad parts of the game because this game still delivers allot of action.Graphics The graphics are good i think its the game with the best graphics so ...

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Halo 3 Review 0

Halo 3 review.GraphicsThe graphics are quite good for the 360. There is no obvious texture pop in, considering the the grand scheme of some of the levels this is good. Some people may say there is not a large difference graphics wise in comparison to Halo 2. This i find to be untrue. Everything is improved, which is to be expected with the upgrade to the next gen console, there is no texture pop in. Something which its predecessor became infamous for. The lighting has improved, animations have i...

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Halo 3 can be described as a game thats feels half done. If halo 3 were to be compared to any modern shooter it could be easily identified as an over hyped failure. Halo 3 has a great story but can be seen as a failure as it does not give a sense of completion. The multi player is decent when played with friends but when played over xbox live you cannot get far without a 9 year old thrash talker screaming in your ear. The aspect that ruins HALO 3 the most is the ranking system as casual players ...

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