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 Manly fist!
 Manly fist!
Han was the number one warrior of the Kliph Republican Defense Force. His homeland is a place called Monglat, where freedom is highly valued; he will fight alongside his friends to re-establish peace and freedom for the republic and his home! 
Age: 32 
Height: 221 cm 
Weight: 185 kg
ProximityMove nameCommandDescription
 Close Super Muscle Press up-forward, heavy attack A body splash.
 Close Choke Slam after a low heavy attack hits, forward, up-forward, up, heavy attackHan grabs the opponent by the neck and choke-slams them. 
 * Mongolian Chop While moving backwards, special Han hurls a whirlwind at his opponent. Not the mongolian chops I know! This can only be done while moving backwards.
 Far Stamper Kick up-forward, heavy attack Han delivers a heavy boot to the gut.
 * Mongolian Elbow While advancing, special Han elbows his opponent so hard he breaks the sound barrier. This can only be done while moving forward.
 Far Bakuretsu qcf, special Han hurls a fireball at the opponent.
 Far Gokuen half circle forward, special Han breathes a cloud of fire at his opponent.
 Far Polar Air Explosion press special rapidly Han... somehow generates a cloud of what is assumedly "polar air", shocking the opponent.
 Far Enrinzan Charge left briefly, right special Han fires yet another kind of fireball at the opponent.
 Far Kaen senpuuzan Charge left for a long time, right special Han charges up and flies towards the opponent. This moves Han close to the opponent.

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