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Hatris is a puzzle game created by Alexey Pajhitnov and Vladimir Pokhilko, the creators of Tetris. The game was developed by Paragraph and published by Bullet Proof Software.

The PC Engine port was developed and published by Micro Cabin. The Arcade release was published by Video System.


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At the bottom of the screen are six male (sometimes female) heads. Pairs of hats fall from the top of the screen, and the player has to stack the hats on top of the men's heads. Once five of the same type of hat are stacked on top of each other, that stack is cleared and the player is awarded points.

In some versions of the game super deformed avatars of Pajhitnov and Pokhilko appear in the game as characters who assist the player in removing hats and rearranging stacks of hats.


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