HAWKEN - looks incredible

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So this is apparently a Mech-FPS developed by a team of 9 people. And it looks incredible, they must have some extremely talented level designers or something:

It runs on the Unreal Engine but no word on platforms or estimated release date yet.
(I hope this doesn't qualify as spam)
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Looks good. I like Mechs.

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9 people? That seems impressive. Kind of unbelievable, but I'm no game developer.

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Do you play as Stephen Hawken? Because that's a pun I could get behind.

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Videos containing new or interesting gameplay or trailers are exceptions to the youtube-spam rule, provided you write a little explanation so people know what they are looking at. This thread is fine.

 In fact, if it didn't already exist then I was about to make it myself. 
Made by 9 people in 9 months? Fucking mindblowing. Here are some of the in-game screenies: 
I recommend watching in HD. 
I notice the mechs look a little janky when moving so I guess they still have a lot of optimization to be getting on with, but the aesthetic of the game is fucking beeeeeaaaaauuuuutiful. 
Here's a screeny of the first person perspective: 

No Caption Provided

 So fucking excited for this project now, and I didn't even know it existed until about 5 minutes ago.
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Oh shit, that looks fantastic.

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Looks like a video game.
I don't know if I'm just super jaded, but I'm not seeing what makes this incredible. Don't get me wrong, it looks fine, I don't have a problem with it, and it's super impressive that it only took nine people to make all those assets, but I'm not getting blown away by as a game. Yeah it looks nice, that's cool, but I need some other hook otherwise it just seems like a mech shooter running on Unreal.
Again, really cool that such a small team made this in such a short amount of time, it's just nothing about what it is looks interesting from what they've shown so far.

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@Sweep: CUPCAKE 87M!
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@EuanDewar: Mechs and cupcakes? 
"Truly they were as gods who built this place"
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Wait 9 people.............. These people must be the indie developer gods.

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Count me in, especially if its a an XBL game.

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This looks kinda awesome, I'm looking forward to seeing more ^^

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my head paints the walls of my cubicle.

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This is the sort of game that I can actually imagine (I can't believe I'm about to say this) being kind of awesome in 3D.

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I'm not that into mechs but i can definitely appreciate that only 9 people are working on this. That is mind blowing!

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Those enviroments are fucking beautiful :D

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Oh, I thought this thread was gonna be about making DA2's Hawke look like SF's Ken... 
But I did see the trailer earlier and it does look pretty sweet. 

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I love Mechs.

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Camera shaaaake! Looks amazing.

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that kind of looks insane

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A game I actually want to play after seeing that. Battletech has been so forsaken, I still have hopes for that fifth game however.
Art style makes me think of a blend of Armoured Core and Battletech, although I'm more of a clunky Battletech fan. If these few developers can make this kind of game with little to no bugs and in 9 months, they deserve money.

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This looks pretty cool. Hard to believe only 9 people are making it.

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I could get behind this. I haven't played a good mech game in a very long time. While playing both KZ2, KZ3, hell even that part in MGS4, I have wanted a full mech game that was actually good

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Not too fast. Not too slow.  Uses the Mech Warrior style mechs that I love so much. But more mobile than those pieces of shit. And level design that consists of more than just huge flat planes with one or two buildings. Assuming this controls like mech warrior, this might persuade me to go out and buy a PC joystick for the first time in 8 years. I think they just sold themselves a copy of HAWKEN

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looks pretty great.  I love the art.  Not a fan of the weird, slow rolling/shaking camera animation.  The cockpit pic looks pretty cool too.  Thanks for posting.

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Looks really good.  I like the urban decay meets unrestricted urban sprawl look to the setting.  For some reason that's what I imagine Hong Kong will look like before the end of the century.  Anyway, my only reservation is I bet there are a ton of "invisible walls" in that game.  There would need to be something to restrict my desire to just run off and explore.   There hasn't been a good mech-combat game in ages, so this looks promising. 

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Is it dated yet? 

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