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    Designed by Clan Hell's Horses, the Hellbringer heavy OmniMech devotes an impressive portion of its mass to weaponry, though as a result it is somewhat lightly armored for its weight class.

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    The Hellbringer heavy OmniMech (or Loki, as it has been designated by the Inner Sphere) is a Clan Hell's Horses product that was designed and manufactured after the Battle of Tokasha, during which Hell's Horses lost control of Tokasha MechWorks to Clan Ghost Bear. In an effort to manage the implications of this event, Hell's Horses created several new 'Mechs that would be less expensive to produce while offering as much firepower as possible. Of these, the Hellbringer was easily the most successful and most widely distributed, although much of its success can be attributed to external factors, and it is in fact regarded by many as a shoddy design, mainly due to its rather light armor plating. Despite suffering from a somewhat poor reputation, though, most Clans possess a fair number of them due to Hell's Horses liberal dissemination of the 'Mech after losing exclusive production rights, and some Clans, Jade Falcon in particular, have historically been quite fond of the Loki's offensive capabilities.

    Weaponry is the Hellbringer's main strength, and as evidenced by its primary configuration, its focus on sheer pod space allows it to carry a dizzying array of equipment. Its mains stopping power is provided by two ER PPCs, one in each arm, while it also wields three ER Medium Lasers and a Streak SRM-6 for closer targets. In addition, the Loki can also be used for anti-infantry purposes, as it is equipped with a pair of Machine Guns and four Anti-Personnel Pods. Supplementing its armaments, the Hellbringer also comes with a large complement of advanced electronic components, namely a Targeting Computer, Active Probe, ECM Suite, and an Anti-Missile System. Many of its alternate configurations are similarly broad in scope, and unsurprisingly it was this unspecialized, or "mad," equipment loadout which earned it the moniker of Loki from the Inner Sphere.

    Vital Statistics

    SchematicProduction InformationTechnical SpecificationsDefault Equipment Loadout
    Loki Schematic
    Loki Schematic
    • Affiliation: Clan
    • Designation: OmniMech
    • Designer: Clan Hell's Horses
    • Production Sites: Various
    • Cost: 19,074,687 C-Bills
    • Class: Heavy 'Mech
    • Weight: 65 tons
    • Armor: 8 tons Forging Omni-H24
    • Maximum Speed: 86.4 kph
    • Jump Jets: None
    • 2 ER PPCs
    • 3 ER Medium Lasers
    • 1 Streak SRM-6
    • 2 Machine Guns
    • 4 Anti-Personnel Pods
    • 1 Targeting Computer
    • 1 Active Probe
    • 1 ECM Suite
    • 1 Anti-Missile System

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