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    Game » consists of 11 releases. Released Mar 24, 1984

    Fly down into dangerous caves filled with bugs, lava, and other traps to save your buddy before you run out of health.

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    H.E.R.O. is a platforming game published and developed by Activision in 1984. It was originally developed for the Atari 2600 but ported to many other consoles already listed on this page. The name is speculated to mean "Helicopter Emergency Rescue Operation".


    The main objective of the game is to rescue trapped miners. You're equipped with a heli-pack allowing you to fly around the level, as well as a laser-beam to defend yourself from the game's various enemies ( bats, snakes, spiders, etc). You're also equipped with dynamite, which you can use to kill enemies or to destroy various walls blocking your way. It's possible to use your laser beam to disintegrate the wall as well without the risk of killing yourself, although it takes longer. There are magma walls later in the game that kill you if you touch them, making it slightly harder to plant dynamite next to, or navigate through the caverns. When you die, you're returned to the same screen as the one you were just on, costing a life.
    There is a power meter on the bottom of the screen that slowly drains indicating a time limit, making later levels fairly difficult due to their length. When the power meter is drained, you lose a life. Later levels often feature a raft the player can use to float across the water unharmed.

    H.E.R.O. for Xbox 360 Game Room

    H.E.R.O. was included in the June 23rd, 2010 Game Pack release of Game Room for the Xbox 360.

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