Anybody Wanna Be Steam Friends?

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#1 Posted by WaffleConed (66 posts) -

This is my steam profile:

I thought it might be cool to add some people from GiantBomb to my friends list so we could compare scores on the leaderboards and maybe share contracts.

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#2 Posted by _Zombie_ (1483 posts) -

No. Nobody wants to be your friend.

You're adopted.

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#3 Posted by M_Shini (567 posts) -

Got this on pre purchase so sure why not, i probarly need to boost my friend list number for leader board stuff for steam anyway.

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#4 Posted by Lanceuppercut (164 posts) -


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#5 Posted by Imsorrymsjackson (866 posts) -

@_Zombie_ said:

No. Nobody wants to be your friend.

You're adopted.

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#6 Posted by TheRyanx2 (33 posts) -

My steam friends list is pretty thin too, and contracts mode looks fun. Feel free to add:

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#7 Posted by blueduck (965 posts) -

Can someone fill me on on what the contracts mode is?

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#8 Posted by cclemon36 (196 posts) -

@blueduck: From what I've gathered, they are user made missions with x amount of targets to be taken out in a specific order with a specific weapon or tactic, for maximum assassin brownie points.

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#9 Posted by HarlechQuinn (456 posts) -

@blueduck: You can basically create your own challenges within the campaign levels, by choosing stuff like the area where the challenge is set, the target(s), the weapons to use...

But you have to finish your "level" first in a playthrough before you can upload it, than your friends try to beat this level and earn money by doing so.

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#10 Posted by CatMeat (56 posts) -

My profile is currently showing 0 of 0 friends online.

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#11 Posted by mclakers (135 posts) -

New friends are always welcome.

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#12 Posted by zungerman090 (350 posts) -

Awesome, here is my Steam ID

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#13 Posted by iBePeRFeCT (397 posts) -

Yeah, I definitely could use some new friends as well. Steam ID is

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#14 Edited by Nictel (2695 posts) -

Lets all be friends :-)

(Account name == profile name)

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#15 Posted by vickydog (14 posts) -

@WaffleConed: Sure

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#16 Posted by super2j (2098 posts) -

My steam friends list is pretty thin too, and contracts mode looks fun. Feel free to add:

We should make a thread for this BC
I would like more friends playing Whitman too

My steam name is implodinghippi
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#17 Posted by toolus (122 posts) -

I could use some more steam friends and I also happen to be playing hitman

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#18 Posted by super2j (2098 posts) -

I have added all of you.

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#19 Posted by MikeFightNight (1191 posts) -

Hell yes! This is just what I came here looking for. I said I wouldn't touch contracts until I finished the game but someone on my friends list just sent me one and now i'm hooked! Need a group of people to compete and have fun with. I'll add you all.

My ID is.

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#20 Posted by Bobafeet (94 posts) -


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#21 Posted by riostarwind (1221 posts) -

Haven't put to much time into Hitman yet but I can see that the Contracts mode could add quite a few hours to it.

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#22 Posted by Xeirus (1636 posts) -

@Imsorrymsjackson said:

@_Zombie_ said:

No. Nobody wants to be your friend.

You're adopted.

We agreed not to tell him until he was older!

You monster!

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#23 Posted by RobotHamster (4250 posts) -

Don't have the game but hopefully by the next sale. But I'm always up for new friends!!

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#24 Posted by Indiana_Jenkins (423 posts) -

I'll add my name to the list.

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#25 Posted by dwreck (56 posts) -

I could use some contracts friends.

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#26 Posted by johncallahan (855 posts) -

I just recently got to the point where I could start seriously playing PC games so my Steam friends are almost non-existant. I'd be down with having friends!

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#27 Posted by Kaj235 (50 posts) -

Count me in on this!

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#28 Posted by KillswitchNL83 (38 posts) -

Awesome, feel free to add me.

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#29 Posted by vedantp2 (2 posts) -

Hitman Absolutions need Friends Please add me.

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