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    Hook Champ

    Game » consists of 0 releases. Released Oct 16, 2010

    Put on your adventuring hat and swing your grappling hook and fly all over the place in this iPhone-based platform game.

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    Hook Champ is the initial release from Rocketcat Games, the game currently has an sequel called Super Quickhook in development.


    Hook Champ takes place over a series of underground levels in which your character, having just stolen a cursed treasure, must flee The Curse and traverse the level (from left to right) until you reach your partner. 
    The primary means of travel is through the use of a grappling hook, which can be deployed by touching the screen in the direction you want to aim and holding.  Releasing the screen will disengage the grappling hook, and another can be fired immediately.  Most ceilings, torches, and blocks can be grappled from. 
    In addition to the grappling hook, your character can run (by touching and holding the lower side of the screen), jump very short distances, and fire a shotgun (which serves to both stop The Curse and propel your character forward). 
    The map is divided into "Idols" (all sharing similar environments and hazards), each with four levels (iron/bronze/silver/gold).  All Idols past the Wimpy idols require a map to be purchased from the Shop.  Current idols include: 
    • The Wimpy Idol (tutorial levels) 
    • The Bat Idol (introduces bats that fly at you and explode, bouncing you randomly) 
    • The Monkey Idol (levels include more vertical traversal than normal) 
    • The Frog Idol (introduces water) 
    • The Bull Idol (introduces lava) 
    • The Skull Idol (hard levels) 
    • The Rat Idol (an extremely fast curse, introduces acid)
    • The Forbidden Hats (takes place in space)
    Completing a level rewards the user with any gold acquired during the escape.  Additional rewards are given for the first completion of a level as well as topping the local leaderboard.  Levels can be replayed as many times as necessary with a ghost of your best run of the level. 
    Gold can be used in The Shop to purchase upgrades, costumes or hats.  See the Items section below for more details. 


    Jake T. Hooker - a hat-loving adventurer seeking priceless treasures the world over.    Jake's unique item is the Hot Pants, which allows him to sustain one hit from lava, as well as a fifth upgrade for the Rocket Fuel.
    Gunny Reed
     - down on her luck, Gunny joins Jake in his search for treasure.  Gunny's unique item is further upgrades to the Shotgun, which allows her up to four shots per level (Jake is limited to at most two.)  
    The Curse
    - the name given to the ghost that chases after Jake and Gunny, The Curse is your primary danger in any given level.  The Curse can be temporarily stopped by using your shotgun, but is otherwise unhampered by walls, lava, water, or other environmental hazards.  The Curse may have a different appearance depending on what level you are in. 

    The Shopkeeper - owner of the fine establishment where all upgrades and hats can be purchased, The Shopkeeper occasionally appears to provide advice before a level begins.  He is rumored to have a back room filled with prototype gear.  He is not a playable character. 
    - available as DLC, Hookbot has rechargable rocketboots, a wall-smashing punch, and most notably is not chased by the curse in each level.  
    Bounty Hunter Zelle - available as DLC as of v1.3, Zelle has new dialog but is otherwise exact the same as Gunny. 
    John Gore
    - Available in update 4.0 as part of the MiniGore/Hook Champ crossover, Gore can only be used with his own MiniGore themed idols, he has a machine gun that has unlimited ammo.
    - occasionally appears to tell you a level is impossible in the pre-level chatter.


    Maps - occasionally available, Maps unlock new levels for play.
    Grappling Hook - can be upgraded to extend at a faster rate, allowing you to travel at a more rapid rate. 
    Rope - can be upgraded to provide a longer swing distance.  
    Shotgun - can be purchased/upgraded to provide more stopping power when fired. 
    Running Shoes - can be purchased/upgraded to provide faster speeds when you aren't swinging. 
    Loot Vacuum - can be purchased/upgraded to have gold and gems move towards your character when they are near, saving you from having to directly touch each coin. 
    Husk Musk - can be purchased/upgraded to have bats fly at you faster, providing a larger speed boost when they explode.  
    Hot Pants (Jake only) - can be purchased/upgraded to allow Jake to survive one dip in the lava.  Upgrades provide a higher bounce.
    Rocket Boots - can be purchased to provide the user the ability to fly skyward as needed.  Can be upgraded to provide a higher boost. 
    Rocket Fuel - an upgrade for the Rocket Boots that provides additional launches. 
    Shotgun Barrels - an upgrade for the Shotgun that provide additional shots from the shotgun. 
    Steam Thrusters (Hookbot only) - akin to upgrading the Rocket Boots. 
    Coolant System (Hookbot only) - upgrading this reduces the recharge time for the steam thrusters. 
    Block Buster (Hookbot only) - purchasing this allows you to break through walls in front of you. 
    Megahooks - each character has one Megahook available to them for 3000 gold.  Jake uses The Cursed Hook, Gunny the Grapplin' Cannon, Hookbot the Laser Hook and Bounty Hunter Zelle the Mega Drill. 
    Outfits - introduced in Update 2, outfits provide alternate looks for the characters, Jake has the Chill Jacket, Gunny the long coat, Hookbot the Silver bot and Bounty Hunter Zelle the Night Suite. 
    Hats - ranging in cost from 1 to 800 gold, hats are the primary customization method for your characters.  Some hats only become available after certain achievements are unlocked, such as topping leaderboards, finishing Idol sets, or buying certain number of hats.

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