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The Hunter-Chopper does exactly what it sound like. They will go to great lengths hunt down Gordon Freeman and tail him as he tries to escape from it reaches several times through his journey. Most notably these instances turn either into lengthy chases by vehicle or cover-to-cover styled evasion. The Hunter-Chopper is a Combine product, despite its modern human design and the fact that it is not a Synth. It is a re-imagined version of some human models used in the present-day military only with Combine technology added, much like the Combine APC. The Hunter-Chopper is piloted by two Combine soldiers and is exceptionally fast, which helps it keep up with its target and has good maneuverability, allowing it to keep low and pursue through narrow passageways. 
Chase scenes include most notably the one in Half-Life 2, when Gordon is on the airboat in the Water Hazzard chapter, but also in Half-Life 2: Episode Two, when Gordon is in the car with Alyx Vance. Here the player can only avoid the Hunter-Chopper as they dodge the its pulse cannon and bombs. When first introduced to Hunter-Chopper in Half-Life 2, the Route Kanal chapter, the player can only avoid its pulse cannon going from cover to cover and again in the Water Hazzard chapter.

Attacks & Abilities

 - The Hunter-Chopper has a large pulse cannon connected to base of its nose, the same one that is fitted to Gordon's airboat. It has a very fast attack and spread so its not very accurate but is good for clearing out masses of enemies instead of one. The gun can continue firing for upwards of 7 seconds but sometimes only 3 seconds at a time. Different circumstances throughout the games use differing times of fire length. After firing, it overheats and must recharge before attacking again. 
-  The Hunter-Chopper will also drop bombs that explode after a certain amount of time or when they make impact with the target. when the Hunter-Chopper is severely injured it will unload a seemingly impossible amount of these bombs from underneath it (given the fact that these bombs float suggests that they're hollow and possibly collapsible. 
- Though never used against the player, the Hunter-Chopper can use a guided missile, which it does at Black Mesa East, but only against stationary targets.  


 - When it comes to avoiding attacks: dodge, run, use cover. 
- The only time Gordon ever uses rockets against the Hunter-Chopper is in Half-Life 2: Lost Coast (an omitted part of the original game turned into a downloadable technology demo), which takes five hits to defeat. All other models of the Hunter-Chopper not meant to be destroyed with this tactic would take 55 hits. 
- Once some resistance members fix a modified pulse cannon onto Gordon's airboat, you then have a means of breaking through the Hunter-Chopper's armor. Unlike the Hunter-Chopper's pulse cannon, the one on the air boat can fire in controlled amounts and does not have to fully charge back up before firing again. 
- When battling the Hunter-Chopper in Episode Two, the player must use the Gravity Gun to propel dropped bombs back at it before they explode three times. The grenade launcher also appears and does as much damage in this case.

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