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    • Stalk your trophy prize--White-tailed Deer, Mule Deer, Elk, Moose and Brown (Grizzly) Bear.
    • Track your quarry through 175 different expeditions.
    • Spot your prey quickly, then get into position for the ultimate hunting action.
    • Explore the rugged terrain of Colorado, Texas, Alaska, Arizona and British Columbia, watching out for fast-forming rain and snowstorms.
    • Start each action-packed hunt with the right selection of 30 firearms, bows and accessories.
    • Practice on moving targets and shatter bottles at the most advanced Target Range available
    • Witness ultra-realistic animal behaviours--watch rutting bucks chasing does, bears defending their kill, aggressive bulls challenging each other and more
    • Immerse yourself in the richest hunting environment yet, with slithering snakes, soaring eagles, wild wolves and buzzards, rabbits and other creatures
    • Stalk your quarry through the massive mountain ranges, streams, fields and forests
    • Use Hunting Unlimited's Animal Database to learn your prey's typical behaviours, scientific names, and observe each animal in their natural habitat
    • Each hunting mission drops you in the heart of the backwoods with a specific goal in mind and your prey nearby


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