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    Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection

    Game » consists of 5 releases. Released Jun 20, 2013

    The Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise makes its portable debut as an idol management sim spin-off for the PlayStation Vita.

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    Kami Jigen Idol Neptune PP is an idol management simulator spin-off in the Hyperdimension Neptunia franchise, co-developed by Compile Heart and Tamsoft Corporation for the PlayStation Vita. The game was published in Japan on June 20, 2013. Hyperdimension Neptunia: Producing Perfection was licensed for release in North America and Europe by NIS America. It is now out on June 3, 2014.

    Like the main games this is a spin-off of it takes place in the world of Gamindustri. Where a assortment of CPU (Console Patron Unit) goddesses rule over their different lands. This time idol mania has come to the world of Gamindustri with a "evil" idol group known as Mob-48 hogging all of the spotlight. Without shares Neptunia and the other CPU's don't like how they are barely even noticed anymore so they decide to become idols. They all use the rest of their power to summon the best producer ever. Which turns out to be the player and thus the adventure to become the number one idol begins. The final goal in this game is have one of the CPU's become the number one idol by having most of the shares within 180 days.


    Right after being summoned by the 4 CPU's the player must choose one of them since it would be nearly impossible to be the producer for all 4 at once. Which means this game has 4 different storylines depending on who is picked. Although the main theme of learning about whoever was chosen is the main focus. All of these paths can end on 3 different tiers of endings. Depending on how well the player does they can either get the best ending, okay ending or the worst ending if they get a game over. The best ending requires the player to pick all the correct answers in events or it will go back down to the default one.


    Out of all the CPU's Neptune is the most carefree of them all. She my have natural talent for being a idol yet the fact that she doesn't take anything seriously most of the time is a large obstacle the producer must overcome in order to turn her into the number one idol. Her little sister Nepgear shows up from time to time to offer support.


    Vert has a really big issue that will surely be a hindrance for anyone trying to make her the number one idol. Since she plays games way to much it's going to be a big task to actually get her to care about putting on concerts. Unlike the other idols Vert doesn't have a little sister. Which starts to show up a lot with the different interactions. After all the producer might not want to be Vert's lil'producer forever.


    The main focus of Noire's tale is learning about how much time she spends trying to be the best in everything. Obviously that isn't possible even if she is a goddess which leads to quite a few silly situations. How much she wants to see her sister Uni to become better than her while still trying to keep the spotlight is another notable plot point.


    Blanc is always serious about anything she does which may sound good at first yet that can lead to a bunch of so-so concerts. After all a idol needs to know how to smile and Blanc always looks like she is faking it. She also may seem nice on the outside but she has a somewhat hidden aggressive side that may lead to some setbacks. Also the ever useful yet also annoying little sisters Rom and Ram tend to interrupt events sometimes


    Main Menu
    Main Menu

    Starting off the player has access to 3 different types of "modes". The main one is Producer mode where the player takes a idol from zero to number one via a few different routes. Unlimited Concert just lets the player set up a assortment of different concerts to watch. The last one is just a viewer to test out all of the different costumes the player can unlock. This seems like a good point to mention that most of this game can be played using the touch screen other than a few things during a concert. But a standard control scheme is still available as well.

    Producer Mode

    Raising stats after resting
    Raising stats after resting

    The main gameplay mechanic is determining what the idol should do in order to become better. This is shown by options that the player must choose to improve the idol like studying or a advertising tour to raise fame. Getting to know other idols and resting is also vital to open up new possibilities like a duet during a concert. This is all done by going through a menu to pick the different options. After picking a option most of the time it just plays out like a visual novel with a result at the end of the event. Although it sometimes gives the player a multiple choice answer to change the result slightly. Picking the correct answer in all of the events can also lead to the best ending. Each event will raise at least one of the stats that every idol has. So spending time doing a practice performance will slightly raise Trust, Vocals, Rhythm and Expression. The higher everything gets the more events will be unlock-able along with it being easier to preform a awesome concert.

    Unlimited concert mode

    The concert UI
    The concert UI

    Concerts are the other gameplay variation since it requires the player to move a camera around to frame the shot better for the audience. Along with some effects like confetti during a notable moment in the song. All of these effects are on a cool down when they are used so it's vital to figure out the best place to use them. When the crowd starts chanting that is usually a good moment to start up a few different effects. Depending on how well they do it can be a so-so performance or a excellent one. Or even a horrible one if the player doesn't have good timing. The aftermath of each concert consists of learning about how many fans were gained and how much shares were also obtained.

    Viewer Mode

    The Viewer
    The Viewer

    This mode is mainly about viewing the different idols in the assortment of costumes the player can have them wear. Touching different parts of the screen will make the different idols do a assortment a poses. Along with that it's also possible to set a alarm clock. Plus a music test is also sectioned off in this mode although some songs need to be unlocked.


    This is a list of songs that each Idol can sing along with the people that are credited for creating the song.

    Name of SongVocal/ Lyrics CreditMusic CreditArrangement Credit
    "Fly High! (Idol dance ver)"Yumi IwakiGo SakabeJinbo Tomohiro
    "Dear ''' every day (idol dance ver)"aoYringoKen MasutaniKen Masutani
    "HP oo LOVE Power (idol dance ver)"yozucaShigetoshi YamadaShigetoshi Yamada
    "with confidence (idol dance ver)"yozucaGo SakabeJinbo Tomohiro
    "Mirainfinity"Yumi IwakiTomotaka OsumiShinichi Yuki
    "NEXT STAGE"Halko MomoiHalko MomoiKoji Ueno
    "Perfect Quest"AyaneAtsuhiro WatanabeAtsuhiro Watanabe and Heigo Tani

    NEXT STAGE and Perfect Quest aren't playable in concert mode. Since they are the intro song and ending song for this game.


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