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Mini Review: Hyperdimensional Neptunia U: Repetitive Action Unleashed

This game feels like they wanted to make a game with a bunch of arenas and enemies without any thought into making it challenging..At least in Dynasty Warriors it gives you different level designs and requires you to do different objectives to complete each level. While in this game every single level just comes down to killing a bunch of monsters quickly or the rare quest that actually has you collecting a item by... killing enemies. Combat comes down to a bunch of basic combos using the square or triangle button along with a small selection of special attacks. Transforming into CPU form just lets you overpower every enemy even more than before. Fortunately this is countered a bit by the nonsensical comical storyline that keeps me coming back for more even though the game isn't that good. Neptunia and her pals have a lot of good dialogue with good VO to go along with it. But that doesn't make up for the fact that this game is just one big grind fest that isn't work slogging through to see the silly story. Worth skipping unless you have some unconscious need to play all the side Neptunia games like me.

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