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InkBall is a puzzle game developed and published by Microsoft for the PC (bundled with the 2005 version of the Tablet PC Edition of Windows XP) on August 2004. It was also included in some Windows Vista installations.

Originally intended for use with touch controls (using pen-enabled tablets), InkBall has players guiding colored balls towards goals of their corresponding color using temporary walls drawn directly on the playfield. Each level has unique patterns to blocks, with some types of blocks having unique properties (such as breaking when hit or changing a ball's color). While it is intended to be played using a stylus, it can be played with a mouse (with a cheat code enabling the mouse cursor's visibility).

It was later re-released as one of the three built-in games included with certain premium versions of the Windows Vista operating systems (the other games being Chess Titans and Mahjong Titans). This version allows it to be played with a mouse from the start.

Like other pack-in games that are kept when upgrading the Windows operating system, the base installation of InkBall is removed completely once an April 2018 update of Windows 10 is applied.


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