International Tennis Tour

    Game » consists of 3 releases. Released Mar 26, 1993

    A tennis game created by French developer Loriciels for the Super Famicom/SNES in 1993.

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    International Tennis Tour is a competitive tennis game for the Super Nintendo, developed by Loriciels. Loriciels also published the European version, though publishing duties for other regions were handled by Taito (in North America) and Micro World (in Japan). The game is a traditional tennis sim, with the action taking place from behind the player's athlete.

    The game features five modes:

    • Training - A mode that allows the player to practice serving and volleying.
    • Exhibition - One match that can be configured for singles or doubles, and single-player or two-player.
    • Tournament - Same as Exhibition, but with several matches in a row with different competitors.
    • Nations Cup - A real-life contest now known as the World Team Cup. A doubles competition.
    • Championship - A single-player contest against various CPU opponents.

    There are various instances where two players can play a doubles match: the game allows for a competitive version (one human, one CPU on each side) and a co-operative mode (two humans on one side, two CPU on the other).


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