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Super Tennis, released in 1991 in Japan and North America and on June 1992 in Europe, is a tennis game exclusive to the SNES (games of the same name exist on the MSX and Sega Master System, but are only similar in name and are otherwise completely different). The biggest feature is its Circuit mode, in which players partake in a tennis season with the objective of finishing with the most ranking points and thus as number one in the world. The year consists of four grand slams and four smaller tournaments, and each takes place on one of the three typical surfaces: hard, grass, and clay. The surfaces, like in real life, vary in bounce and speed. The game also includes the option to play exhibition matches, either singles or doubles, as well as twenty different characters of varying stats and strengths. For example, Phil is a strong serve-and-volleyer, but struggles during baseline rallies, while John's speed and consistent groundstrokes make him a fine baseline player.


The following players appear and are selectable in the game:


The character select screen.
The character select screen.

Matt -- powerful strokes; consistent server

Brian -- strong serve-and-volleyer

Phil -- strong server

John -- powerful strokes; offensive baseliner

Meyer -- defensive baseliner

Rich -- strong volleyer

Hiro -- accurate strokes; strong returner

Steve -- all-rounder

Rob -- strong server

Mark -- "bullet" serves


Amy -- all-rounder

Kim -- strong serve-and-volleyer

Lisa -- powerful strokes; offensive baseliner

Erin -- strong returner

Donna -- strong all-round player, but with weak serves

Debbie -- accurate strokes

Colett -- defensive baseliner

Nancy -- strong server; baseliner

Yuki -- consistent player

Barb -- powerful strokes; offensive baseliner


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