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    Iolo is one of the main companions of the Avatar, accompanying him on many of his quests. He lives as a bard and bowyer.

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    Iolo FitzOwen is one of the main companions of the Avatar in the Ultima series and accompanies him in most of his quests.  He is famous for both his songwriting and bows.  As a bard, he wrote a popular song about Stonehenge called Stones.  His wife, Gwenno, wrote the lyrics.  It is reported to be Lord British's favorite song.  He as also been successful as a bowyer, inventing a triple crossbow that can shoot three bolts at once.  At the time of Ultima VII, he had two shops in Britain.

    Like the Avatar, Iolo is originally from Earth.  He can be found as a jester in British's court in Ultima I, and in San Antonio, Texas during Ultima II.  After his arrival in Britannia, Iolo lived in the town of Britain, but before Ultima V he moved to the woods near Yew .  At his house he also keeps his wise-talking horse Smith.  By Ultima IX, Iolo moved to a woodland estate east of Britain.

    Iolo is the game incarnation of David R. Watson, one of the Ultima developers.  He wrote the song Stones while his late wife Kathleen Jones wrote the lyrics.  David lives in Texas where is also a bowyer.


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