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    Iris is a character in the MegaMan Battle Network franchise. She appears in Battle Network 6 as one of Lan's new friends.

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    Iris is the first new classmate that Lan encounters upon moving to Cyber City; they meet when she is attacked by a virus-infected cyberdog. She is characterized by her shyness and tendency to disappear at random. 
    Throughout the game, Iris guides Lan, performing strange feats such as suddenly appearing on the roof of the Seaside Aquarium and stopping rogue machines with a single hand gesture. She is later revealed to be a Navi utilizing CopyBots to manifest in the real world. She is the embodiment of Colonel's emotional data, which was separated from him by Lord Wily after Baryl's father was killed in war. She was designed by Wily to control weapons systems.
    In the final battle against the Cybeasts, she fuses with her brother, destroying the Cybeast that is contained inside MegaMan at the cost of her life. Before fusing with Colonel, it is implied that she had developed romantic feelings towards Lan, but she decides against telling him because she's not a real human.

    She is the Battle Network equivalent of Iris from Mega Man X4, and is one of the three Navis in Battle Network that are based on a character from the Mega Man X series.


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