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    Now known as Jackbox Games, the company formerly known as Jellyvision is a game development company best known for "You Don't Know Jack" games.

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    Jackbox Games was originally founded as Jellyvision in 1989, and is best known for developing the "You Don't Know Jack" games.

    Jellyvision gained their popularity when the original version You Don't Know Jack was released. The game was successful enough to spawn several sequels and spinoffs. The company made other games outside of the YDKJ series, such as Seaman, but failed to achieve the same level of success.

    YDKJ games survived online long after the series' popularity faded. The franchise made an entrance into the modern era with the release of You Don't Know Jack on modern consoles. Currently, the company's primary focus is on mobile and social gaming, with the release of YDKJ on Facebook, iOS Android, and similar platforms such as Ouya, along with new game releases such as Clone Booth.

    In June 2013, Jellyvision was restructured into three new companies. The game development division was rebranded as Jackbox Games to better align with the company's focus on mobile and social games. The other companies created from the split were Jellyvision Labs, which is an interactive marketing agency, and Jellyvision Benefits Counselor, which educates employees about their health benefits.


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