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    Jacob Crow

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    A time-traveling mad scientist and creator of the TimeSplitters.

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    Jacob Crow had a simple dream; he wanted to live forever. To this end, he formed a cult, the Brotherhood of Ultra Science, to help him in his quest. The Brotherhood soon developed techniques, and they were tested on human subjects. Unfortunately, it was too soon. The immortality tests transformed the test subjects into flesh-hungry zombies, which soon began attacking the scientists and took over the Connecticut mansion the cult used as it's base. Not long after the zombie attack, space marine Sergeant Cortez and local teen Jo-Beth Casey raided the mansion, looking for Crow. The zombies were destroyed, but the mansion was also. Crow was lamenting the loss of his research, when an unexpected visitor arrived: An older version of Crow, from the future.

    The older Crow informed the younger one of a way to live forever: the Time Crystals. Cortez and Jo-Beth soon caught the Crows, but they were too late. Both Jacob Crows time traveled out. The younger one arrived at his future self's weapons company, U-Genix, to give him the time device so he could travel back and talk to himself at the mansion in 1994. The older Crow traveled back even further in time, back to 1969. Here, he allied with fellow evil genius Khallos and confronted Cortez and secret agent Harry Tipper. They defeated Khallos, but Crow had already left with some of Khallos' troops.

    In 1924, Crow set up a base on an island off the coast of Scotland. This was where the Time Crystals were located, and also where Cortez first met Crow after traveling back from his own time perriod of 2041. Unfortunately, Crow escaped again.

    In 2243, Crow (which one is unknown at this point) founded another company, Ultranet. Here, he was responsible for building a robot army which quickly attacked the human population of the time, setting off the highly destructive Robot Wars. In the middle of the Wars, Crow used the Time Crystals to create genetic mutants he called the TimeSplitters. He intended these to be "humankind's genetic superiors", and they quickly wiped out much of the human race. Crow even transformed himself into a TimeSplitter-like abomination, called Splitter Crow. He had now succeeded in his original plan: He was now immortal.

    In 2041, however, humans began fighting back against the TimeSplitters. Sergeant Cortez, along with Chief Science Officer Anya, developed a plan to use stolen Time Crystals to travel back in time and destroy the TimeSplitters before they could be created. Cortez followed Crow's tracks until, in 2243, he destroyed the original TimeSplitter army, still in their birthing cells in Ultranet. But it was not over yet. Crow could easily make another army.

    To prevent this, Cortez went back to 1924 and found Crow's undersea Time Crystal mine. But Splitter Crow, onto Cortez's plan, also traveled back, and battled Cortez. Cortez was easily overpowered and shot. But before he died, Cortez came up with a plan: He again went back in time, just as he was preparing to battle Crow. He purposefully created a time paradox so that Crow would have to face two Cortezs instead of one. The maneuver was highly dangerous, but the gamble paid off. Both Sergeants killed Crow. Then, they set his Crystal processing machine to overload, blowing the island, and the mine with it, sky high.

    Crow was willing to go anywhere and kill any number of innocents in his quest to live forever. Instead, his life was ended when a hero used his own techniques against him.


    "See you in the future, sucker!"
    "Hey, man, somebody open up the window and let out the bad vibes!"


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