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    Juiced: Eliminator

    Game » consists of 1 releases. Released Jun 28, 2006

    Juiced: Eliminator is the PSP exclusive sequel to the original Juiced. It is a driving title with a robust and challenging career mode, a variety of event types, and cars that can be upgraded, tuned, and visually modded in a variety of ways.

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    Camaro stopped on Angel Speedway
    Camaro stopped on Angel Speedway

    Juiced Eliminator is a racing game from Juice Games and THQ. Juiced Eliminator is exclusive to the Playstation Portable. The game features a new race type, known as the 'eliminator' races. The final racer to finish a lap will be eliminated from the race, until the final driver emerges the winner. The game story is much the same as that of the previous Juiced game. You play a new racer who begins a career racing in Angel City.


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    The story to Juiced Eliminator is much the same as the original Juiced. You arrive in Angel City aiming to become a well known racer. At the start you meet the leader of another team operating in the city, who mocks you and encourages you to race against them. Once you complete this race, the other driver apologies for being pushy and then the rest of the game modes properly 'open up'. The game features a variety of different race styles for players to compete in. These races are:

    • Circuit: Race a certain number of laps.
    • Point to Point: Race to the finish.
    • Eliminator: These are exactly like circuit races, the only difference is that the last racer is eliminated at the end of each lap. Because the number of laps is equal to one less than the number of racers, these races tend to be much longer than normal circuit races. The length of these races also means that it's even more important than ever to avoid damage to your car. (which can result in things such as your nitro tank spilling, and ultimately, steering malfunction)
    • Sprint: These are drag races. This is a unique race type where you must use manual transmission and can only shift up. (not down!) Pressing the L button switches gear and whenever you do, the game alerts you to whether you shifted too early, too late, or at the optimal time.
    • Showoff: Showoff mode is unique to the Juiced games. You are set in a track and given a time limit to earn as many points as possible. Points are based on performing stunts and tricks, such as 180-degree spins and J-Turns.


    Dodge Viper racing in an oval course
    Dodge Viper racing in an oval course

    Gameplay in Eliminator is almost identical to that of the original Juiced game, albeit slightly easier. You form a team during the game, and are encouraged to max out your respect with other crews. Once you have done this, the game is "completed", though you can still continue to play. (Not to mention there are certain things like crew driving challenges which do not count toward completion, since completion only counts respect rating.)

    Each rival team has their own niche that you must use to earn their respect. For example, one of the teams give respect to drivers who perform well in Showoff events, and so on. As well as regular career mode, there is also a 'Career Challenge' mode, where the leaders of other teams challenge you to complete specific challenges within a certain time limit of in-game months. These challenges vary in difficulty, and can range from winning a certain amount in bets before races, to collecting certain cars.

    Additionally, there is also an 'Arcade' mode, where you may complete races that are pre-set by the game. Some of these races are easy, and some are extremely difficult. One of the most difficult races in this section is the 'Extreme Nitrous' series, where you must win a race in a car that has infinite nitrous that is permanently engaged.

    Mitsubishi FTO in Showoff event
    Mitsubishi FTO in Showoff event

    Career mode is laid out in a 'calendar' mode, where different events are scheduled. Every event is optional meaning you can skip any of them. There are also days with no events scheduled, where you may set up events and compete against the other racers.


    Juiced Eliminator features a multiplayer aspect, where you can race against friends wirelessly over an Ad Hoc network. Amongst the races available are 'Pink Slip' events, where you can race against friends and bet your car. All of the race types from the standard career are present, and you can set up custom events for you and friends to partake in.

    Car List

    Nighttime racing in Chinatown
    Nighttime racing in Chinatown

    Juiced Eliminator contains several new cars, as well as all the vehicles present in the original Juiced. The new cars available in the game are:

    • 2005 Ford Mustang GT
    • Renaultsport Clio V6
    • Scion TC
    • Seat Ibiza Cupra
    • Renaultsport Megane 226
    • Fiat Coupe
    • 2006 Honda Civic Si


    Alt. US boxart for Eliminator
    Alt. US boxart for Eliminator

    Juiced Eliminator has several different covers. Each cover contains the image of the Honda Civic Si, which is arguably the 'cover car' of the game. There are two different versions of the US cover, which again feature the Civic Si. One of the boxarts, which is displayed on the left, features an orange Civic Si. The alternative version of the cover looks almost identical, though the Civic is green, rather than orange.

    EU and JP boxart for Juiced: Eliminator
    EU and JP boxart for Juiced: Eliminator

    The European and Japanese version of the game box art looks the same, and again displays an orange Honda Civic Si, though this time it is sliding in front of a building. If you look closely, the building's sign reads "Angel City Hotel". Oddly, this hotel does not appear during the game.

    On the US boxart for the game, a blue Nissan Skyline R34 GT-R appears. In-game, the Civic is almost always outclassed by the Skyline.


    Car preparation:

    Garage interface for Eliminator
    Garage interface for Eliminator
    • Be sure to adjust the gear ratios on your cars. It is almost always a good thing to increase acceleration to max, but it ultimately depends on the car. Select the test-drive option to test the affects of changes you've made.
    • You can select any race event to view what course it is, the length of the race, and what cars you have that are allowed for that race. Use this info to choose and tune a car best suited for that event.
    • Always check the length of sprint races so you know whether to tune your gear ratio toward acceleration or max speed.


    • A car that is good for racing may not be good for Showoff events, and vice-versa. Showoff events are never restricted to any car class, so try out different cars to see which works best.
    • There is no pressure to perform a variety of Showoff moves. It is possible to complete career mode without performing all of the moves shown in the Showoff tutorials. (Arcade mode, however, requires you to perform specific moves... and doesn't even allow you to choose which car to use.)
    • Although you get points for driving around at high speed, it is not recommended. It doesn't earn a lot of points compared to the other moves, and the crowd gets bored of it very quickly.

    Crew Members:

    (You start the game with no crew members. Eventually one joins your crew and from then on you can enter team events.)

    • When starting out, your teammates' stats are low and they will invariably lose any race you enter them in. However, they gain experience even from losing races. This is the only way for them to improve.
    • You can restart team races just as any other race. If your teammate messes up, you may simply restart the race. You can even manipulate the race results this way by restarting a race until your teammate finishes first.
    • At the very start of every team race, you are prompted to select "Low", "Medium", or "High". Whichever you choose will be displayed next to your teammates' names during that race. This game makes no explanation of what this means, but supposedly you are selecting the aggressiveness of your teammates, as well as the chances they will slip up. "High" means increased chance of teammates wiping out. Keep in mind that no matter which you pick, restarting the race allows you to pick again, so there's no penalty in experimenting with the "Low", "Medium", and "High" choices.

    Pink Slips & Betting:

    Betting interface for Eliminator
    Betting interface for Eliminator
    • For Pink Slip races, the rival crew will always drive a car in whatever is the highest car class of a car you currently own. (In other words, you are forced to choose from your highest car class.)
    • If you place a bet, you can still restart the race as many times as you want, but you lose the bet after the first restart.
    • You can't restart at all during Pink Slip races.
    • One good strategy for Pink Slip racing is to build an exact copy of your best car and use that.
    • It is not a bad idea to decline all Pink Slip races until you're better prepared.
    • If a rival crew challenges you to a Pink Slip and you decline, you lose 25 respect. Keep in mind that even if you accept the challenge solely to prevent this loss in respect, it is still possible to lose respect by colliding with your opponent during the race. You can easily end up losing more than 25 respect this way.

    Game completion:

    • There are 8 racing classes, but very few cars can be upgraded to reach class 1 or 2. One of these is the Dodge Viper which is easily the best performing car in the game in all car classes it is allowed in.
    • You can host your own race events. Simply select any blank spot on the calendar to do this. This is the only way to race in "San Ricardo" aside from test driving your cars.
    • Buying certain cars unlocks that car's crew driving challenge, which you are prompted with immediately after buying the car. However, some of these challenges are too difficult (if not impossible) to beat with a factory model. You will have to use that car in race events and unlock upgrades. Then once you're ready, use your mobile phone to contact the rival crew to enter that challenge again.


    • Although some rims come in different colors, you can actually change the color of any rim. This option is found in the same place you can change the color of your car's body.


    • It is possible to change your rims' color without purchasing it. Simply choose a color and then back out without paying for it. It's possible that your rim's color will permanently change color. This can be undone simply by purchasing a different color.
    • You can add a metallic or pearl finish to your car but this option encounters the same glitch as above. (You end up "purchasing" the color for free even though you cancelled, and your car is now permanently that color.) To undo this, you must purchase a new base color for your car, as this is the only way to remove a metallic or pearl finish.

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