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    A popular musical object that has graced many video games including Shenmue and Moonwalker.

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    A jukebox is a coin-operated music device, and what many consider a mainstay of the 50's diner culture. The most famous design for a jukebox includes a rounded-top box, with a glass display of popular records, and buttons underneath the display which, according to the combination of button presses, can be used to select a song. To use a jukebox, you can usually use a toggle button to flip through all the song choices, viewing the number that corresponds with the music that you want in the glass case, and then pressing the buttons that go with the number to select the song. When a song is picked, the jukebox goes into an automated process of selecting, and then playing the record. Nowadays, jukeboxes aren't as common, and often are placed in restaurants with a retro theme. Also, modern jukeboxes ditched the old-fashioned record playing process in favor of a digital process, which allows a larger library, and more compact jukebox.


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